Gail the HC99 Adventurer.


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Welcome everyone to Gail the adventurer!


-HC Level 99. (Will be my first post 1.10)
-Hell Baal.
-Grail. (Maybe)


-Dead is dead.
-GoMule Allowed, due to unforseen circumstances Gail burned all previous hiustory.
-P8 for initial clear on everything, P1 for countess re-runs and P3 at a minimum for boss re-runs.
-Must get all WP's (Exception; Halls of Pain - Farming purposes)
-Must do all Quests. (Allowed to wait to hand in all quests.)
-Re-Rolling maps is allowed once boss has been killed.


I'd still like to know if anyone knows how to change rune colors in GoMule or if their runes are also red?

I also would like to take a moment to thank ANYONE who recommended changing F1-F12 to QWERASDSPACE, I've been playing FPS and D2 for a life time, was an easy transition and way easier on the hands. :)


Here is Gail, see her go. :D

Gail is going to be a Orbitaller, which will change as she finds proper gear ect.

Den Complete. :)

Found a nice leveling staff. Will be rolling with FB for the forseeable future.

Always love when this drops and don't need to farm one. :D

Not the closest of Runs but only need Tir + Ral and Eth + Tal, hopefully they come quick. :)

Ral as a quest kill is always appreciated!

Stealth & Leaf complete. :)

22% Nagel off the hop, I think it's trying to tell me something. :D

FB and Andy are like best friends, they melt together!

Went for the cube before Rad to up all my Rejuv's that I've found along the way!

Radament is next, I've recruited Ilzan the Combat mercenary to assist me in staying alive. Aswell as himself.


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We have a saying in Spain: ¡a la tercera va la vencida! Which means: third time lucky!
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Good luck! Fireballers are one of my favorite builds; the skill progression from Firebolt -> Fireball -> Meteor just flows really well, and Leaf is incredibly strong in Normal for how cheap it is (moreso if it's +3 Fireball to start!).


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Thank you Spain! And worst case we go for round four. :D


Thanks man. :) Wont be going the meteor route but FB/Orb. :)


Some more MF. :D

Taking risks, low poison res, hurts...

Man I can't say how much I love teleport... So unreal, speeds life up.

Who cares about vipers when you don't even need to see them. :D

First diamond I've found, test my luck. :)

Not bad but wont be able to use it forever.

Out of chippers, not a good roll. :/

Managed to get it on the second way!

He annihilated poor Ilzan but then I annihilated him. :D

Decent amu for now!
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Got drognan to drop the goods early!

Nothing but some jade for our time. :)

More halloween treats!

Tried again!

Junk, need something better for Ilzan...

Butter knife! Where's the bread? :)

Halloween treats almost come together as one. :D

First unique shield, too bad I'm not a barb!

Ring from the butter knife mystery, no bread but I'll hold on to this for now... May use once I have Spirit!

Nice mana influx, will use for now. The rest of the charms are res, doing decent here.


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Knowledge of stats done!

Tried to make another polearm, junk but finished trick-or-treating, picked my ring back up too. :p

They 1 shot poor Ilzan 3 times... and I've been upgrading his gear as we go, tough crowd...


Almost had to town, ran out of pots and I've been running a full inventory lol! I think I've been using teleport too much... I honestly should be level 30 right now I think. :/ Would have been easier with orb, 4 levels to go however. I'm saving skills now so I can do 1 point in to Orb/Mastery for the first 5 levels.
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Static is king. :)

This wasn't too bad, I hate when I use static and they move to me, it hurts. :(

Junk runes for days!

Found these on my last walk too. :/

I think this is probably the best drops I've ever gotten from normal big D. :X

This is the belt he dropped, baller!

Shenk oversaw nothing but my blizzard! So close to Orb...

Why couldn't this be a +sorc cold amu. :(

Got ORB! And rescued all the silly half naked men!

Strange... I didn't take one of Anya, well I couldn't have gotten here without her...

This was an easy fight with static!

Baal went down fast too, static is godlike.

On to NM we go, need spirit/insight/lore/rhyme runes, countess here I come!


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I feel like I was here, just yesterday. :D

Going to put this in that Partizan so Ilzan can wear it finally.

It actually didn't change his damage by much. :/

This is better than the one I bought from Drognan, will use. :)

OHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAA Just need to farm an AMN from the pretty lady!

Nice and close one, doesn't matter as much with a sorc but it is what it is!

Fast Q on P8, P1 Farming time.

Run 5 or 6!

33% + My Armor + Ring = 9 Frames, I'll take it. :)

Two chances, neither of them came through...

Rhyme complete. :)

Not sure what to use this for on my sorc...

Andy down, going to farm Vipermagi now, chancies/magefist and a better nagel! Maybe SoJ too. XD


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Wait for Mephisto, farming Andariel is not efficient even if quest bugged.
Really? I would have thought for sure it would be worth it... Ok, forward I will go. :)


I did find some nice upgrades in the short 10 runs I did or so!

Found some magefists!

Upgraded polearm w/ LL until we find 4os polearm!


Didn't even know Shaft could drop here, huge merc upgrade. :)

Nice DPS increase for the time being!

Replaces my FCR ring now that I have Magefists!

A better ED%

2% Better Nagel

If only this was +2Cold or something. xD


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I followed your advice, going to farm NM meph for something that has CB for my merc and vipermagi for myself then continue to move forward, I feel like I could farm Hell Meph almost as easily as NM Meph and that's when the real items start to come. :D


We get some mad skills, love this sorc, man I forgot how much I love sorc's... I have a blizzard sorc and a light sorc on HC level 93/94, not sure why I didn't do this on single player yet...

Going to make lore out of this.

I've honestly found like 4 or 5 skill circlets, none for me however...

Still progressing on /P8, orb makes life easy and the levels are flying!

Cleared this sanctuary... Moving so fast I keep forgetting to add more Vit + Stat. xD

Ran in to a ghost fana pack here, scared me actually.

Got all the WP's!

Probably the best NM Drop Duriel has ever given me, will use these over the MF boots I have. Can't complain about survivability!

This was the belt I got from Duriel aswell, very nice upgrade!

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Butter knife for the filet!

This has CB... I may use it for farming meph instead of shaft, not sure...


More Stats!

Trick or treat hearts to eat. :D

Council was pretty easy, just baited them one by one, shaft makes Llzan really tough, I like it a lot. :)

Cute Charm, will probably use this one forever.

Mystical Magic!

Close enough for a sorc. :)
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Meph down, first kill is rare Viper...

Quests Complete!

WP's Complete!

Frosties, wont be using but nice to have incase.

Holy, too bad I wont be transfering to other characters... Cash money!

Went back and farmed up my Lore runes!

Found and Eth to make a better Def Stealth.

Things I'm looking for :

Tals Amu


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Very nice drops on your nightmare progress! Like it a lot, especially the quick and huge Merc upgrade as well as the spirit.
I always love when I farm and equip my first spirit on a sorc. It just feels soo incredibly rewarding with everything it offers.

Keep it up and enjoy the run. Stay safe though :)


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Decided to keep progressing, going to see if I can safely get to Hell Meph and farm... Seems like the best "option", tals, shako, ect. I think I need to either find a nice 2OS armor for smoke/farm Lum or get Vipermagi before I can do it however... We shall see. :/

Forge, not the best not the worst.

First dual immune, telekenisis is OP!

Pretty easy fight, big D isn't as scary when you can teleport away and have a level 20Orb. :p

All WP's

All Q's

Shenk went down, debating farming P/E/S for a bit but I don't think

The men of the north have been freed!

I was clearing this area here as it has 1000's of the little pee shooters, trying to find a 4OS polearm for Ilzan.... It's a lot harder than one would think to find.... Not as lucky as my sin. :p


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Not going to enjoy this one in hell, probably wont do it for a long time actually... Need to build for Meph/AT. :/

Not sure who dropped this but I'll take grail stuff all day long. :D

Ancients took awhile, also got amp'd and went down to like 50~ life in 1 hit, never spammed juv's so fast ever. :D

Got all the WP's! Accidentally got HoP... No Pindle runs for this guy. :/

Baal down, wasn't a tough fight. Static speeds things up. :)

Now the debate is to farm Vipermagi or just push... Resistances are pretty junk so probably farm Vipermagi.

Also, I'm going to do 5 screenshots per post now, I think it will be easier to read if I start doing it that way...


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Yeah, Vipermagi could help with resistances. Smoke runeword too, but I have never used it personally. My untwinked sorc has gone hell with a Moser with 2 PD (and without a viper yet).


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Yeah, Vipermagi could help with resistances. Smoke runeword too, but I have never used it personally. My untwinked sorc has gone hell with a Moser with 2 PD (and without a viper yet).
Sorry I should have stated that a mosers would work aswell. :p Anything to bump up my res!