Future Zealer setup


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Future Zealer setup

Im going to make a zealer soon and I think I'll use the following setup. Main use would be uber trist.
Weapon:Last Wish Phase Blade
Shield:Eth Vortex Exile
Ammy:Maras or Rare paly ammy/angelics
Rings:No clue here, angelic with ammy

Should give decent life and defense, what do you think and is there anything I should change, other than Last Wish, kinda a lot of stacked life tap though, but I think that would mean I would have life tap on almost all of the time.


Kiras for guillaumes face or andys face, imo grief instead of LW, highlords amu, fort armor, otherwise it looks all good, maybe tgods for max lightning absorb from meph.


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What makes grief better than Last Wish(Can't tell from stats) and also kiras has CBF on it and it gives me massive resists, the other setup would have pretty horrible resists on it, but some suggestions look good, can atmas scarab also be used against the ubers? Maybe I could get a grief and swap while fighting ubers as Grief would help me finish them off, while the massive cb on Last Wish would cut down their health pretty fast(and maybe get me a fade for even better resists).


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I'm unsure that a lastwish pb will be hitting the zeal ias BP, so you may need more (maybe use highlords for DS, IAS, and +1 Skills with a good amount of light resist). You will need alot of AR to hit the uber 3 consistantly. Everything else looks good.


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this is setup im thinking of making in a sec
andyface/guil (cham)
2 angelic ring/ammy (highlord and rare rings when not uber)
um up hoz
grief pb

or should i use ebotdz


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FireIsForBadKids said:
Let me know how a pure zealer does in uber trist :wink3:
I'm using the 1 point smiter build, so i'll use zeal to clean up minions and smite on the ubers.


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u have elite exile so 20 ias crafted gloves with cb/ stats, res etc
RF/ rare or crafted ring with taylored stats to your needs
any zealot armor I like duress for melee stats/res
Any melee hat u like as well
gores fine

Just make sure reses maxed


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With Last Wish AND EXILE, you DO NOT need Draculs, i say slap on a LoH and settle the IAS need for the lwpb and gain that sweet 350% ED against demons when zealing. Rings i say, use dual wisps to nerf Meph to nothing since ye so rich and Maras. :p Or Angelics can do fine still. Um the kiras and you should be done.

As for matchuk, the key to ubers is at least 50% Cb, your current build does not allow that.