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I know I said on a previous thread I made where I included a list of builds I didn't think was worth doing included one that primarily used Blade Fury. But I read on the Diablo II wikia for a Blade Furysin that made me consider making it after all. Well I just took her through normal and I hereby take back everything I said about this build not doing enough damage and not worth doing.

In the past, the only build I tried Blade Fury with was a Shadow Walker. In my opinion, Blade Fury back then was just a one point wonder. But according to that wikia site I read for the Blade Fury Assassin, maxing the skill, plus getting the right equipment and having the right auras activated increased your damage potential by thousands of points. Venom is a great damage supplement due to the very fast acting poison and fast attack speed of Blade Fury.

First I pumped Blade Fury, using Blade Sentinel and Wake of Fire until level 18 when it became available. Then at level 30 I pumped both Venom and Blade Fury until I ran out of skill points. Then I continued to pump Venom. It will be the next skill I max.

According to the wikia site for this build, either Shadow Master or Shadow Warrior can be maxed to make a powerful tank. I chose the Shadow Master. The site also recommends maxing Mind Blast, but I'm not sure if that's something I want to do. I already have one point in it and had my shadow warrior use it until the master became available. Burst of Speed is useless due to the fixed attack speed of Blade Fury, so Fade would work better. I wonder if it should be maxed?

Also, due to the fact that Blade Fury, being a ranged attack, gets a damage boost from Dexterity, I think I'll want more dexterity than what my equipment requires to get more damage. And because much of my endgame damage will by physical instead of poison, wearing items that increase poison damage won't give me as high a boost as wearing items that increase physical damage.

Here is my endgame equipment and hireling setup:

Act 2 Nightmare Offensive
Andariel's Visage (life leech, skill levels, attack speed)
Treachery (fade and attack speed)
Infinity Cryptic Axe (conviction aura reduces enemy defense, making them easier to hit with Blade Fury which doesn't get an attack rating bonus)

Helmet: Giant Skull (crushing blow, knockback, and strength bonus)
Amulet: Atma's Scarab (chance to cast amplify damage)
Armor: Fortitude Archon Plate (damage, resistances)
Weapon: Stormlash (crushing blow and static field)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (prebuff purposes)
Shield: Phoenix Monarch (increased damage)
Swap Shield: Spirit Monarch (increased skill levels of prebuffs)
Ring 1: Rare Dual Leech Ring
Ring 2: Raven Frost (cannot be frozen, dexterity bonus)
Belt: Nosferatu's Coil (slows target, life leech)
Boots: Gore Rider (deadly strike, open wounds, crushing blow)
Gloves: Laying of Hands (increased damage against demons and attack speed)

According to my notes, I'll have 59 skill points left at level 99. I already spent one of those points to get Mind Blast. I plan to max Shadow Master. What should I do with the rest of the points?


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Blade Fury, being a ranged attack, gets a damage boost from Dexterity
How much Enhanced Damage you get from Strength or Dexterity still depends on weapon type when using Blade Fury: if you use a mace like a Stormlash Scourge, or a Breath of the Dying Berserker Axe, then you get Enhanced Damage from Strength (+1% per point) but not Dexterity (which only grants you +5 Attack Rating per point).


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so I should only have enough dexterity for my equipment. Since this is a ranged build, we probably don't even need max block. The reduction in enemy defense from Breath of the Dying together with Conviction from Infinity should be enough to hit enemies comfortably.


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I would consider using the Death runeword. It's probably better than a nonethereal Stormlash and even BotD. Eth Stormlash with Jah might be supreme (BF doesn't deplete durability, so etherealness doesn't matter), but it's certainly harder to get the two than what's needed for Death.

BTW, static field centers around the assassin when triggered, not around the target, that might be worth considering for a ranged attack.