FURY/RABIES questions


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FURY/RABIES questions

I was just checking the internet on how to build a decent fury/rabies for pvp and some sites gave me this. Max Lycan.,werewolf,fury,rabies,poisoncreep., oak sage. But then that equalls to 120 skill points. it doesnt make sense at all. so can someone who has been experienced in making a good rabies/fury werewolf, please share your ideas about the skills (in the right order), and the items that a really good werewolf needs.


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I am not really experience but i think this is what most R/f wolf do.

Max Lycan
Max Fury
Max Rabies
Max PoisonCreeper
Max Oak sage/Werewolf

Oaksage is for your life of cause..
Werewolf boost your atk rating.. ( i prefer this anyway)

Okay item..

For a good rabies damage..

Weapon : Death Web (socket with poison Facets)
Shield : 4 socket Monarch with 4 X Poison Facets
Armor : Bramble
Glove : Trang oul
Amulet : + 3 SS skill ammy best with + 91 life
Ring : Bul kathos wedding ring / Raven Frost
Boots: Gorerider

Hmm deathweb is not ur main atk weapon but ur switch weapon.. See video from Elohimwolf/Kiba.. He demonstrate before using Rabies weapon switch trick..

Hope this can help u a little... =)


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oh and by the way. Is a fury/rabies only good for pvp or can you also use it for pvm??? Because i really like killing monsters more than killing players on my spare time with my charger or with my fireball sorc. But then i never tried a druid b4. UNTIL TODAY! =)


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Fury/Rabies can still be good for pvm..

My wolf can survive hell with decent item.. just need some careful control and tats it..

For rabies to kill in hell is quite difficult unless ur rabies damage is high..

Oak sage is for life and is great for pvp.. allow u to easily reach 6k or more life in werewolf form..
but spirit die easily u need to resummon it often..

for werewolf.. u haf higher atk rating which is good for vsing high def baba or pala..

U just need to choose which one u need most.. =)