Fury/Rabies effective in ffa??


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Fury/Rabies effective in ffa??


i just wondered what char i could do next. i usually love chars that are not mainstream, so after some brainstorming i came to this kind of char and i ve also checked kibas vids.

but im still not really convinced ... it seems to me that you totally rely on mistakes of ur opponent and that u have to play really defensively most of the time.
hmm so in theory it shouldnt be able to kill fast teleposting casters as long as they keep their distance, or am i wrong??

thanks in advance, moe


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When you play defensivly vrs a fast teleporting caster, they have to play offensivly, or the duel is over.

What you might think was "their mistake" was them turning their normally defensive playing style into an offense to take down the druid you saw - that was their mistake ;).

Anyways most of your good duelers will have some mad %frw, just incase they really need to chase down someone like a zon.

And rabies shines here because you dont even have to make the hit - most of the time if you attack and they are in range they will be come infected anyways.


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And vs anything with minions is great since rabies spreads. If your vs a lagging, tele bonemancer, windy, or even a zon with a valk, rabies their minon and it will spread to them. Most casters arent prepared for 40k+ rabies.