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Fury/Rabies Druid: how to spend the last 7 skill points?

Discussion in 'Druid' started by jonaskoelker, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. jonaskoelker

    jonaskoelker IncGamers Member

    Mar 15, 2013
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    Hi. I'm building a Fury/Rabies Druid. I'm unsure about where to place my last few skill points.

    The plan is: 20 in:
    Poison Creeper
    Heart of Wolverine.

    1 in prereqs:
    Feral Rage
    Oak Sage


    This leaves 7 points. What to do with those points? I think I'd like a skill which breaks corpses.

    According to my brief experimentation, the Dire Wolf only eats to recast its spell, so if I use that to dispose of corpses it'll be slow going. Carrion Vine and Solar Creeper eat corpses to replenish life and mana, respectively, and I can cause myself to lose mana much easier and more reliably than I can cause myself to lose life.

    So, as a subconclusion: I probably also want to spend two points on getting Solar Creeper. Does anyone have any experience-based thoughts about this plan? How important is corpse disposal? Is it only important in situations where I'll reliably take damage (around shamans and Nilathak), and thus Carrion Vine is perfectly fine? Does it die in a blink due to the low HP vs. high monster damage late in the game? Does the benefit of (more) tanks/distrations outweigh the poor corpse disposal rate of Dire Wolf? Can I just charge in and take out the shamans?

    Second: what about the remaining 4-6 points? I'm thinking either Grizzly, Hunger, more points in Werewolf or a combination of those. I hear there's diminishing returns to the attack speed of Werewolf, and between my main attacks and Heart of Wolverine, I probably won't need the extra attack rating. Circling back: how useful are tanks? Do I want them bigger or do I want more of them? Are the points spent on hunger worth it? I kinda' like having a draining attack, but using potions (and/or x% mana drain) is of course a workable alternative. Is a 1-point cyclone armor in any way worth it? (I would think not, but I'm willing to be surprised.)

    Thoughts and ideas are welcome :)
  2. zaphodbrx

    zaphodbrx IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2011
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    One point in grizzly is always good. More points in werewolf for more AR is good too. Low lvl unsynergized cyclone armor is worthless. Hunger is bad too.
  3. Erfel

    Erfel IncGamers Member

    Oct 29, 2012
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    Not much important, really... except for nihlatak, in all the other cases, it's not a big problem, in my opinion

    I never tried it, but i guess... yes :(

    Yes, of course... corpse are not a big problem, while a tank is always useful :)

    Usually the monsters getting revived are really weak. Using rabies and a good second weapon (i used death's web) you should be able to kill all of them with just one hit. Once the minions are all dead, go for the shaman (it's the same with skeletons and fallens)

    A lot... especially for a fury/rabies... rabies has a lower attack rating, so you will need often some attacks before hitting the enemies... having a good tank is a huge help

    Open question... there's not an answer... try both and decide :)

    Nope. Hunger used to be good, but it's not anymore. You will ABSOLUTELY need both life and mana leech... and since the percentage is based on your pure physical damage, the lower damage from hunger would also mean a lower leech

    Not at all... and you can only cast it in human form.

    I think you should try 1 point in vine/creeper, but it will probably die very often. Still you can cast it after you've killed some enemies to replenish life/mana without using potions (just like a sort of prayer merc).
    One point in grizzly is enough, more are wasted, as the damage will always be low, and more points will only add damage.
    The rest would be better used in werewolf.

    Hope i helped :)

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