fury druid questions


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fury druid questions

Hi, im planning to make a new fury druid beacuse they are so fun, and i have a few questions :).

Is this gear setup good or should i change something?

Helm: Jalal's socked with 15ias/xx ed jewel
Gloves: Dracul's or bloodfists?
Boots: Waterwalk, for life + dex
Armor: Fortitude
Weapon: Botd WP, was thinking of gpa but more dmg with wp, i dont know if its to slow but the ias jewel in jalal's will make up to it. (correct me if im wrong )
Belt: verdungos? or another belt?
Rings: 2 raven rings
Amulet: Metalgrid

Switch: cta + spirit

9x shape skillers with life/fhr
20 life and some fhr sc's, cant afford max/ar/life ones.


20 lycantophy
20 werewolf
20 fury
20 oak
1 pt cyclone armor
and rest i dont know.

strenght: enough for stuff
Dex: if i use ravens + waterwalk i dont have to invest anything in here.
Vita: rest
Ene: None

im going pure 2 hand for the damage and i want as much life as possible :)

with this setup i will get like 7-8k life, around 15k dmg, 16-17k ar 86 fhr.

is this going to work in pvp or should i change some of it?
is my res going to be fine or should i use some res sc's too?

Thanks in advance :)



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like superjayson said the ias from the helm won't matter. only ias on the weapon effects it. also go with ebotd gpa is will be faster and have more range. my dmg is like 7k average x5 is 35k which isn't to bad.


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hm okey so i should get botd gpa, or i just might go eth tomb reaver?
wich is the best to get of those 2?


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ur stuff looks like u wanna play pvm. take botd gpa.
(nice dmg, nice leech, nice stats, nice range)

amu: highlords
belt: fine would be 24fhr/str/life/resis (for only pvm u will not need 86 fhr, so u can use tg or ik belt, or whatever u need)
um in jalals would be helpfull to max ur resis.
gloves: steelrends are possible
shoes: gorerider
rings: 1x raven 1x str/dex with resis

btw, u could skills the 2nd ghost...(dunno name, the aggressive one ^^)

ur build is only useable for pvm. for pvp u need eni (frw) and u have to skill dex for max-block with stormshield. a barb will kill u with 2-3 ww's.


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How do you deal with PIs, especially with so many PIs being immune to poison (e.g. specters)?


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9x shape skillers with life/fhr
1.)Do not use FHR's use all lifers.

2.) Eth tomb reaver with 3 sockets always beats botd gp.

3.) use 2 ravens

4.) Get resists through the other 11 spots in your inventory: 5 frw/ 5 res all small charms, 5 res all/ 20 life small charms.

5.) helm can be switched depending on what you fight. For instance I would duel smiters or windies with Pcoa and tomb reaver.

6.) Belt should be verdungo's vs melee if you need the dr.

7.) shoes: I find gores haven't made a significant difference in pvp for me but, then again thats me (most people tend to use them though). I would rather : duel stat, 30 frw/20 fhr rare boots.

8.) gloves: always go bloodfists wolves should not use bm (ps. this is a personal belief).