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Fury druid - IAS and damage questions

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Dagaz, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Dagaz

    Dagaz IncGamers Member

    Dec 19, 2012
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    I have two werewolf based question; one general and one specific.

    My druid is level **, it’s based on fury and feral rage (with freeze merc and HoW spirit (and grizzly)).

    1. IAS. Is the calculator in sticky still accurate (it is based on v.1.10)? Or at least: is the breakpoint table accurate? Recently I've been experimenting a little by switching Atma's Scarab and Highlord’s Wrath and my druid's attack is clearly slower with Atma's on. But doesn't only IAS on a weapon count (see below)? Also why does the calculator need negative input from the one on (let’s say) Arreat Summit (Stalagmite is for example speed 10, so I put in -10; but the result is slower (8 frames) than with 10 (7 frames) which makes no sense to me).

    2. Damage in relationship with equipment suggestions. I use:

    - Upped Ribcracker with Shael.

    - On switch: Tomb Reaver; 3 os with Shael and 2 ed jewels (for res when needed and also MF; higher damage than Ribcracker, but less style).

    - Jalal's Mane with Um.

    - Fortitude.
    - Gore Riders.

    - Dracul's Gasp.
    - M'avina's belt.

    - Raven Frost and rare + ar, mana and life leech and some res (I'm not at my own computer at the moment; can't remember specific numbers).

    - Highlord's Wrath and/or Atma's Scarab.

    From what I see, the main problem is ammy and belt. Do you guys have any suggestions about the gear if I'd like to ... well, do more damage in less time :D
  2. NoisemakerArrow

    NoisemakerArrow IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2008
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    Use Might merc with Reaper's Toll and switch to BOTD.

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