funny story(my lucky day)


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funny story(my lucky day)

I was concerned much with goldfind yet, but i often saw threads about goldfind, which made me curious, so i used the search function in different forums for the word goldfind.

I stumbled upon these thread here:

The post of Merick:
The way I like to do it is an orb sorc doing NM trav in full games (easy to find full games in NM). Level 22 or so orb is enough to kill everything right quick in full games when it's synergized and you have cold mastery. NM trav is also great for pgems, charms, and SOJs. I found two SOJs in two weeks running NM trav.
made me curious, cause i wanted to find my own SoJ too. I took my sorc(lvl93) and kept killing NM trav in 5-8 player games. The Sorc has like 458 MF and only chanceguards, goldwrap, ali baba , rhyme for goldfind. First i said to myself i keep going until the first unique item drops. That was a stupid sword, so i said to myself, i keep going until the first unique ring/amulet drops. A unique ring dropped finally and it was dwarf star, also i got a viper(resi 30) before that. Well i dont know why, but i continued. A few runs later one of the councils drops an UM and i cant believe it. Someone whispers me for finishing a trade, so i had to stop. I am still curious and continue doing the runs. I normally pick up all blue amulets/rings, but was thinking the last days before, that i should stop doing it, cause i never got anything nice. Luckily i kept picking them up and after identifying i see the number 50 on an amulet and couldnt believe its really 50% magic find. :yikes: :flip:

I thought now it would be a good time to stop and maybe post the story. Also i forgot to mention that the same day, when i played my strafzon on nightmare to collect flawless in cow level, flayer jungle, CS, WSK and other maps act5. Lister dropped a PUL and Baal NM dropped a shako. This was my luckiest day in D2 ever i think. :cool:

I have to thank Merick for posting that :thumbsup: I will sure do some more NM Trav runs. Doing alot different things in D2 is for me alot more fun than 50-100 Mephis per day.

Now i am thinking on what to do with the 50% MF amulet. My sorc wears tal amulet, which boosts damage, mana and hp, so she wont wear it. I dont know if i should let my amazon wear it, cause she uses cats eye or atmas.


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Many congratulations on your finds! :thumbsup: Excuse me, while I try the same thing ... :grin:

Why not make a fishymancer and give the amulet it to him?


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You could also put the amulet up for trade :laughing:
I'm currently looking for one.

Congrats for the finds.

I prefer getting exp at the same time as mfing so I rather do areas in hell.