Funny skellies


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Funny skellies

hi all, i dunno if this is a common known fact or wat
but i hv been playin d2 for too long, and i jsut discovered this.

attention all u summoners, get ur full skelly army to get best results.
ok, now u have ur full army go back to act 1 town b(ecoz its just more spacious for ur skellies)
this is the best part.
cast something, wat ever skill u can cast. like bone amor or golem
and watch them line up!
i still can't get over the way the hurry into formation :laughing:
kinda cute,
i have tested this with revive but seems they arn't smart enough to do this :lipsrsealed:

ignore my post if u already know this, and forgive my ignorance :smiley:


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Lol, ive been playing summoners forever, and ive never noticed that. Nice, very nice.:jig:


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i gotta try that today, in fact, in about 15 minutes, im gonna do it, you cant stop me, im gonna make my skellies get their gear in order. just to get back at them for all their ignorance ive seen in my days of skellying. especially back in the day of classic diablo with 99 some-odd skellies