Funny pic (Monsters blocked by urns)


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My my my, monsters can kill players but can't even break a small urn...

Probably the urns are their boundary that they need to defend :laugh:


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Even better, your sorc was amped while the guys were might enchanted.

Yeah... I wonder how long he would have lasted in that one, heh.

Eilo Rytyj

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oh lawd, is dat some D1 Infra-vision Spell of Hax!?

If you're talking about all the Invaders being red... they change colour when they "charge up". Some change blue, too. I think a similar thing happens to those Salamanders/other Vipers in the Viper's Lair thing in Act 2.



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I always see those Invaders switching colours and I was never able to detect any change in their behaviour when they did. Guess it's so small you don't notice.