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Funny berserker build... perhaps for pvp ?

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by The_Real_Maniac, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. The_Real_Maniac

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    May 17, 2004
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    Funny berserker build... perhaps for pvp ?

    Alright here goes...
    Im not a huge pvper or anything.. just looking for some fun as always!

    I was thinking COA, LEVI, and DUNGO, to get to the 50%dmg reduced,
    Weapon is Eth botd war pike 402%, which might give me some resis problems later on..

    With that pike, i can with 20ias gloves, and 2 ias jews, hit the bp.
    HOWEVER... next problem is.. exactly how MUCH AR do i need for pvp?
    I know angelics is godly on baba.. BUT... as i see.. berserk skill gives 385% bonus to AR at lvl 20.. .compared to WW's 95.. So how necesary is this really?

    Cuz the real problem is.. i need 2 ias jews, in the 3 free sockets ill get... from coa and levi...BUT... i ofc.. also need CBF.. i can get that from a raven, which allows me to use normal angelic combo, OR.. i can use CHAM, and 2 ias jews...
    going for dual angelics.. but dont think this is really necesary for berserker?

    Now as this sounds like a solution... next problem is resist..
    cuz 20from anni, torch, and 2x from coa and 5x from mastery (using life masteries skillers), doesnt add up to the needed.. i guess i could solve this with going for 5%allres scs.. but ill be sacrifizing some LIFE...

    Sorry if this is confusing to read... hope someone can catch my drift...
    please notice this is NOT for a pro pvp build.. just for my own fun, and wicked builds...

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