Funny Baal run story


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Funny Baal run story

Ok guys, just a couple of minutes ago I'm in a public baal run to get a few lvls for my druid. When i get in i notice that there is a party of just two people and everyone else is shouting pp, or party up, or whatever else those ppl say nowadays. Anyways I decide to wait to see if they're just waiting to party at throne, which it turns out they weren't. So as the rest of us get rdy to leave the 2 of them (one of them is lvl 77 and the other 65ish) both die to doom knights I started laughing so hard and it only got better as they tried to get their bodies and kept dieing. I almost went down and helped them until they decided to inform me that bear druids suxor (even though they just freakin died) so i left and just laughed it off. Anyways guys tell me what you think and if you have similar stories go ahead and post them bad boys.


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I was leveling my Barb in an open run with my cousin. We were the "hosts" as it were, and 5 people had followed us through runs. (I remember it clearly cause a true "newbie" had joined us, having only been playing a week ). suddenly someone beat the spambots in and utters the classic lines:
TP when you get into worldstone chamber
"No dude, I'm not wasting my uber drop so you can get a little more xp, we kill the minions then next game"
ur noob!

We kill the minions, then I go back to town to give the pala that had just been playing a week a few mid level items I never use anymore. the pala goes estatic (amazing how effective a 4 p diamond pala shield can be no matter the level) and thanked me..... Mr. Noob starts begging. After telling me no he hostiles me. Well sadly (for him) I had just gained level 69 and slapped on my good gear. he fell in short order.

Goes to show ya. Be nice, I'll be nice, be a fool, I'll take you out... Or bite your ankles on my way down :uhhuh:


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i think the funniest thing that has ever happend which was pretty dumb but i laughed so hard.. i was waiting in a baal run and this guys merc just died out of no where in town.. i heard that "ahhhuhh" and he was just laying there lol it was great. i laughed for a good 10 mins :D


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Funniest things:

A)One of Listers minions dropping IK Helm last night

B)Watching a fight during a Baal run that went "You're a noob!" "NO! YOU'RE a noob!" !"NO! YOU ARE!" "WANNA DUEL, HUH?!" "LET'S GO!!"

Shame, 'cos it was a really awesome run, too. :/

C) getting called pathetic because I have a hard time doing tele-baal in norm w/my sorc.. resorting to immature childish insults (hey it was 5a) and shutting the sorry guy up with my stupid comebacks, heh...