Funny animals


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That last one reminded me when I was in 5th grade and me and my friend saw 2 flies going at it just like that. We were watching them from our school bus. They were on the other side of the window and their butts were joined together.


SomeCanadianGuy said:
Actually, I purposely chose to ignore it since it's been posted here so many, many times before. :D Figured I'd leave the honor of reposting it to someone older who could blame it on their advancing age or thinning hairline or something like that... :teeth:

First of all... the only time I've ever seen it posted is when I posted it once before. Secondly... dude, I'm 2 years older than you. And you're a Quebecer. I win. :teeth: :D


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I don't know who's more bored SCG.... You, who took the effort to find and post all of those pictures, or me, who took the time to click every last one of them. ;)

Cute stuff though... :)


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Starfishied said:
And I was just wondering about the link's extensions.
Standard jpg's for the most. That's all. Nothing much more surprising than that. :teeth:

Anakha: Comment donc? Vous nous avez donnez une source incalculable de personnes dont on pourrait rire, sans jamais qu'il ne se doutent de rien? Est de cela que vous parlez?


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publius said:
I suppose I'll post this here (with apologies to Satrina if she is reading this):

Lmao that is some funny stuff man. Part of me feels bad.. but the other (more evil) part of me wants to hit the floor laughing... i succombed to the latter.