Fun socketing (less than serious thread)


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Fun socketing (less than serious thread)

Serious in the effectiveness, though. I have four perfect dual-superior maces. Each mace is RLvl1, get or have two sockets, and am wondering the combination of gems, obviously chips, to use in them. Currently, they're worn by Barbarian mules, but I want to ideally socket them to use for one-handed classes, as well. So, here's my initial choices:

First mace: ruby and topaz. This is for instant, high damage, and affords both types of the most common resistances, I believe.
Second mace: sapphire and emerald. Though the cold damage is small, the poison is huge, even if taking several seconds. Given the fact the enemy is chilled, the poison has a better chance to frag the monster before getting another attack.
Third mace: diamond and amethyst. Maces already have added undead damage and diamonds give more, but only after socketing the amethyst does it get any attack rating (which, unlike the damage, isn't specific to undead). So it appears to be an ideal corpse clubberer while still an effective backup weapon.
Fourth mace: two skulls. Let's face it, these are low-damage weapons, and more leech is needed to see any gain from them.

Whether dual-wielding or not, this looks like a good blend of socketing. So, barring godly jewels, which are best used in six-socket items, what's your opinion? :laughing:


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Cud make Strength runeword, depending on your clvl restrictions (lvl25 IIRC), nice to have crushing blow, makes total dmg less important