Fun (imaginary) Druid / Werebear modifiers

Ed from Russia

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Fun (imaginary) Druid / Werebear modifiers

Just thought of the following modifiers for Werebears, feel free to add your ideas:

1) Shockwave includes Leap Attack.
Imagine a bear jumping up in the air, and landing in the middle of some monsters (or next to a PvP character), stunning them and finishing them off with Fire Claws. This is much cooler than Teleporting.

2) Extra modifier to Maul: 4% chance to break opponent's shield
This will really piss off Paladins. They'll need to get back to town to repair the shield, if they even get that far....

Lord Nyax

I like the idea of being able to break opponents gear, though I think that a 4% chance to outright break it is a bit much. Perhaps a 5% Chance to do 1/5 the total durability in damage to a random item? That way, in a long battle, a crazy Maul/Hunger Werebear could break all the opponents gear! That would be...funny, to say the least.