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Full clear one pass builds

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Ergroilnin, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Ergroilnin

    Ergroilnin Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 13, 2009
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    So some of you might have helped me with my

    fishymancer which will hopefully soon end his journey, three acts left.

    When I started playing SP, my idea was to make one of each character with their class specific sets but since one pass full clear is more fun for me, the chance of making these is really low, thus I've decided to make less popular builds for each character.

    Sure Fishymancer isn't exactly a non cookie-cutter build but it was my first char so he was fully untwinked and I still feel like Bonemancer is stronger necro. Now that I've found some basic items I can start twinking other chars to make them easier, funnier to play. The problem though is that I don't know what builds would be the best to choose.

    Oh I forgot to mention that I plan to play with /p8 from A1 norm to Mat/Pat and I don't have that much time to play at a time so I want to be strong enough to at least clear an area at a time.

    So far I've thought about these:

    Amazon: Bowamazonn (20 valkyrie, strafe, freezing arrow, flaming? arrow and pre-reqs), pretty sure I will go with this one for zon.
    Assassin: Martial Arts sin, traps are just too easy and mainstream for me. Or perhaps maybe Blade Fury assassin? I had one on Bnet before and she was fun. Not really sure here.
    Barbarian: Well the obvious choices for the not-so-cookie-cutter builds would be singer or double thrower but I am not sure if these are really that enjoyable to play.
    Sorceress: Here I am totally clueless. There are tons of builds that fall easily in the cookie-cutter builds and others that are simply too weak to pass p8 hell without HEAVY twinking. Any ideas here?
    Druid: Maybe a bear druid here? Fire claws perhaps? I definitely do not want an elemental druid, I would like summoner druid but after fishymancer, I don't want second summoner build and I sure don't want wolf so bear is the last option, the only thing that I don't know is what exact bear should I focus on.
    Paladin: I am pretty sure I'll go with Fist of Heaven/Vengeance hybrid here, isn't too fast but I've always had a thing for FoH.

    So what would you advise me?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention one last thing, I am playing 1.12 (not a fan of HRs higher drop and respecs) with RWM and ATMA for mulling.
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  2. maareek

    maareek Diabloii.Net Member

    May 12, 2007
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    For the Assassin the MA sin would probably be more reliable than the Blade Fury sin. If you get a high-level Shadow Master you can sort of run in once she and the merc engage and add in all the various skills to probably make the pace better. If you want to go pure Martial Arts, then you should still have the tools, although it will probably be considerably slower.

    Barbarian: I don't have actual experience with either the thrower or the singer, but I would assume the singer is probably going to be straining your patience unless you can twink him with some very nice gear, and possibly even then. That may also be true of the thrower, but it probably depends on just what you can give him. I always advocate a frenzied zealbarb for any barb build ever, but at the end of the day with howl, taunt, battle cry and war cry combining with the massive amount of HP allowing you to slow the game down as much as you want basically the real question is how do you want to deal damage. Whirlwind deals damage the fastest, if you have the weapons for it, singing probably the slowest, but if you play carefully and use your warcries you should be able to finish the game with whatever, granted you have the patience.

    Sorceress: A Passion Enchantress should let you deal with any monster in the game. I would want to go big two-hander and only use Berserk, but you can certainly go weapon/shield and do fine. Kingslayer would work, but is obviously much tougher to get in 1.12. If you wanted a caster type, any fire/cold variant works since you can use the mercenary plus static field and telekinesis to deal with immunes ... in theory.

    Druid: Maybe Fire Claws is good for this, I dunno. No experience with it. Still at p8 and with all the fire resistance in Hell, it sounds less than ideal to me. Shock Wave is super nice, no doubt, and it may work just fine but if I'm strictly honest I can't really think of a Druid build I would like for what you're wanting to do and personally would just use my Berserker druid build, but I'm insane.
  3. japanzaman

    japanzaman Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 14, 2012
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    Try a Leap Attack Barbarian (pogobarb/Frogarian/Dragoon/whatever). I hear they're just as fun as they are irritating.

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