ftw dondrei!

Lord Nyax

Who wants to place bets on how many of those threads had not only the last post, but the one before that by Dondrei too. Sometimes I wonder...sometimes...:scratch:


How is neon green on purple soothing?
I just don't get it... some people seem to be overly sensitive to colors... I can read most of the color combos people complain about fine...

Fact: my signature is perfectly readable (if you're a dyslexic monkey) on 3/4 of the themes available for Pals.


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Purple Passion is surely the best. Sacred for teh second. I hated this damn red when I lost my palship, but I've since gotten used to it. :undecided:


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This is the only one that isn't garish. Also, some of them don't have a quick reply box as I recall.


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I have no quick reply, but some of the others have no edit button...

Purple = cool color.

Red = warm color.