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Discussion in 'US West Standard - Ladder' started by tii, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. tii

    tii IncGamers Member

    Jul 13, 2010
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    Hi check out items I have to offer!!

    ISO: pgems, runes pul or higher
    pgem - 1 pt (no skull plz)
    pul - 15 pt
    um - 30 pt
    mal - 60 pt

    Socket items
    5os knout
    5os sup flail ...SOLD (Um)
    4os sup reflect bow +1bowskill +1AR ...SOLD (pul)
    6os crusader bow ...SOLD (Um)
    4os Dusk Shroud 393 Def
    4os Dusk Shroud 450 Def

    Unique/set items
    Knife: Wizadspike 50Fcr 15maxmana +mana 15manaregen 75ResistAll
    Shield: Lidless wall 326Def 1AllSkil 20FCR etc.
    Shield: Herald of Zakarum 432Def +2Combat +2paladinskill 30Fbr 30Icb 20Ar 20St 20Vit 50 ResistAll
    Body: Que-Hegan's Wisdom Mage Plate 644Def 1AllSkill 20FCR 20FHR 146ed etc ......SOLD (5pgems)
    Body: Shullder's Ire 656Def 1Allskill 10MDR +magicfind etc
    Boot: Tearhaunch 20Frun +2Vigor +5Str +5Dex +10ResistAll
    Boot: Waterwalk 20Frun 181Ed 100Dmissile 15Dex 47Life 40Stam 50healStam 5maxFRst
    Helm: 2 x Tal Rasha helm
    Helm: Aldur helm
    Boot: Aldur boot

    Rare/Magic items
    Ring: 80AR 7Lsph 11Str 12Mana 25Plr 1mana/kill
    Ring: 1-12 LightDmg 12ResistAll
    GCharm: +1curses 28EGold
    GCharm: +1PaladinCombat 26Life

    Direct trade or mule trade are ok.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2010

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