ft stuff on me mules


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ft stuff on me mules


low ANNI
ik armor

high end goldstrike

runes pgems currency



great hauberk 4os 500def
wire fleece 4os 468 def
giant thresher 4os
war scythe 4os
gothick bow 6os
sup stygian pike 4os 5ed
eth sup monarch 7 ed 238 deff
4os phase blade


razors edge 211ed
razors edge 186 ed
bloodmoon 244/12
t strokes 195 ed
aldurs wep


rare circ +2lite [email protected] 28 life
aldurs helm
aldurs boots
frosties 13ed
magefists 20ed
blackhorns face
laying of hands x2
goldwrap 66 gf
trang armor
tiamats rebuke [email protected]
ik belt


+4 aeriocs 226ed
reapers 219/11
reapers 229/12
gimmershred 205ed 5 off of perfect
djinn slayer 221ed 1os
jade talon 232/47
wiz spike
titans 154
titans 157


trangs armor x2
lidless 98ed
lidless 130 ed
blackhorns face
tal helm x2
skin of the flayed one
corpsemourne 1150 def
lance guard
dungoes 40/11
goldwrap 68 gf
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Re: ft stuff on me mules

Will send one as soon as Bnet lets me back on...temp ban...Might not be until the AM. I'll PM you the details!