FT socketables/pgems


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FT socketables/pgems

Got lots of stuff taking up space on mules.. not sure if they're junk or useful.

4os poleaxe
0os eth colossus blade (T/O HSRed-Um)
0os sup sacred targe 37% enhanced damage, 72 ar, 5% enhanced def 15% enhanced dura
0os great poleaxe
4os wire fleece 450def (T/O Spectear-Lem)
2os sacred targe 24% enh dmg 53ar
3os scarab husk 465 def
3os tiara 47def
0os zakarum shield 61enh dmg 117ar
0os kurast shield allres 25
0os eth colossus voulge
0os wire fleece 403def
0os wyrmhide 408def

3os demonhead 131def
0os eth mage plate 381def
0os sacred rondache 51enhanced dmg 104ar
0os wyrmhide 401def
3os scarab husk 402def
6os sup crystal sword 14enhanced dmg 3ar
0os dusk shroud 443 def
0os scarab husk 391def
0os dusk shroud 372 def
6os crystal sword
4os sup boneweave 5% enhanced def (531def)

Pgems(I prefer to sell them as a package)
*updating shortly

ISO: Runes! Bids are won if uncontested for 24 hours, so bid away!
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Re: FT socketables/pgems

@spectear sorry man, don't need pgems

@dorkey Yea, will do that next time. Anyway, i found out i got other crafting materials in another account so i'm gonna collect and consolidate all my jewels, pgems and other crafting materials and sell them as a package. I'll let you know when that happens. Is it ok with you if I turn down your offer at this time? I will update the thread later when i've got it all sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience :p