FT: Oculus ISO: Bow Zon Gear


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FT: Oculus ISO: Bow Zon Gear

As I am sure there are still some mf sorcs that would like to replace their spirits with an oculus, I am offering it for sale.

ISO: Bow Zon Gear, specifically:

4os +3 Skill GMB
Gloves with LL (Draculs would be awasome but im a realist)
Amulet with zon skills and resists
Duriel's Shell or any decent armor with str req below 90
Any Raven Frost? :whistling:

Lmk what you have

Thanks for looking :thumbup:
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Re: FT: Oculus ISO: Bow Zon Gear

you wouldnt be interested in a 35 res 11 magic reduc Vaper Magi would you?

Or 4os Monarchs?