FT: LLD ammys, set items, uniques, low runes


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FT: LLD ammys, set items, uniques, low runes

I'm looking for pgems or pul+ runes, and any anni. I prefer mule trades so that I don't have to sign on for each individual one, but if you want multiple things on the list, then I can get online. I'm trying to get rid of most of this stuff, so unless the offer is shamelessly low, I'll trade for it as soon as I see that the offer's made.

I have cham to offer for the anni, or cham combined with anything from this list.

LLD amulets:

lvl 30 +2 lightning skills damage reduced by 3 +15 res all resist fire 34%
lvl 30 +2 pala combat skills +50 life +1 str +18 energy
lvl 30 +2 shapeshifting skills +3 min dam +2 dex +15 res all
lvl 30 +2 shadow disciplines 37 life damaged reduced 3 magic dr 2

Set Items:

mavina’s armor
aldur’s gaze
aldur’s rhythm
10% tal’s belt
ik belt
trang oul’s scales
trang oul’s helm
guillaume’s face

Unique Items:

178% 5% Lycander’s aim
raven frost 19 dex 184ar
65% goldwrap
2x bladebuckle 92% 94%
178% damage 8% ll ethereal bartuc’s

Low level runes:

2 ral
9 ort
8 shael
4 hel
3 dol
4 lum


1 traps gc
5os silver edged axe