FT: Jewels (LLD, rbf-psn 5/3, others)


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FT: Jewels (LLD, rbf-psn 5/3, others)

Mostly just ISO currency runes, would accept pgem offers of cheaper ones if there's interest (I'm lazy and probably will just keep jewels unless offers go over 5 pgems).

Will let bids ride for at least 2 days after C/O is made, since jewel prices are up in the air. No reserves set, but I may decline offers and self-use if I feel they're too low.

Rainbow Facet:
+5/-3 Die Poison

Rest listed by level:
Level 3:
Lapis Lazuli Jewel of Ire
+2 max dmg
Cold resist +12%

Level 12:
Shimmering Jewel
All resist +10

Shimmering Jewel
All resist +7

Level 13:
(rare) Skull Eye Jewel
+10% enhanced dmg
+2 min dmg
+1 strength
+12 max stamina

Level 14:
Jade Jewel
Poison resist +27%

Level 18:
Jewel of Carnage
+14 max dmg

Level 30:
Crimson Jewel
+8 minimum dmg

Level 37:
(rare) Shadow Gyre Jewel
+7% FHR
26% Enhanced Dmg
+3 min dmg
+55 attack rating


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Re: FT: Jewels (LLD, rbf-psn 5/3, others)

except for your lvl 37 jewel (and possibly the facet), they're all craft fodder. just a drive-by unsolicited evaluation from a concerned forumite.


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Re: FT: Jewels (LLD, rbf-psn 5/3, others)

Thought that might be the case, appreciate the additional input.

However, the original offerings remain if anyone is interested :)