FT: All sorts of stuff


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FT: All sorts of stuff

Couple weeks of playing, and I've got three mules full of all kinds of junk. I'd be happy if I could get runes, or pieces of the IK/M'av/Trang set (details below). But first, my junk:

Magefist (21% ED)
Magefist (24% ED)
Frostburn (17% ED)
Sigon's Sabot *2
Sigon's Gage *3
Sigon's Visor *2
Sigon's Wrap *2
Boneshade (1 Spirit, 2 Spear, 2 Wall, 2 Armor, 4 Teeth)
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth (12% MF)
Visceratuant (114% ED)
Aldur's Rhythm
Soulflay (89% ED, 9% Mana Leech)
Soulflay (98% ED, 4% Mana Leech)
Soulflay (97% ED, 4% Mana Leech)
Titan's Revenge (154% ED, 8% Life Leech)
Nagelring (74 AR, 29% MF)
Rainbow Facet (Venom on Level-up, 3% Poison Skill Damage, -5% Enemy Poison Resist)
Rainbow Facet (Blaze on Level-up, -4% Enemy Fire Resist, 5% Fire Skill Damage)

I'm looking for:
Immortal King's Pillar (Boots) and Soul Cage (Chest)
Trang-Oul's (All but Scales (Chest))
M'avina's (All but Tenet (Belt))
Runes (Since most of my items FT are obviously crap, I'll settle for runes; Anything mid+, though particularly Jah/Ber)
Feel free to make an offer.
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Re: FT: All sorts of stuff

Since I can't PM you: Sounds like a deal. Feel free to /msg *Darkren