Frozen Orbs: a Matriarch and a First

Frozen Orbs: a Matriarch and a First

Well The general idea in my "What to do next" post was to finally Mat my level 90 sorceress, Frozen Orbs. As the name states, her main skill is Frozen orb, with its synergery maxed. I back it up with fire bolt and fireball maxed, with a point into fire mastery. All remaning points are going in cold mastery.

After reading quite a few Mat/Pat threads, i wish i could tell you guys some of my great finds, but unfortunately I did alot of magic finding with her since she is my first character in single player. My set/unique stash right now has about 800 items in it and I really can't remember what was found where. Some highlights though would be the Death's Fathom and a Death's web from the Pindlethon 3.

Hellforges: Normal = ?, NM = IO, HELL = LEM I believe

I'm pretty happy with all my stat placement, but if I seriously want to level her later, I'll need a little better resists in some places. but its nothing a couple grand charms can't fix.

Time for the gear. She had to sets of gear. In the images below she is wearing her questing gear, but I also switch stuff out for magic finding. Items on left = magic find gear, items on right = questing gear.

Weapon: Death's Fathom / Death's Fathom
Shield: P Diamond'ed Lidless / P Diamon Liddless
Armor: 29 Viper Magi / 29 Viper Magi
Boots: Rare magic find with resists / Rare magic find with resists
gloves: 40% chance guards / frostburns
Belt: goldwrap / Tal Rasha's
Helm: P topaz'ed Shako / P topaz'ed Shako
Ring 1: 29 Nagel / BKWB
Ring 2: 28 Nagel / BKWB
Amulet: 21 Mara's / Mara's

Charms in stash = assortments of + to magic find, + to resists, and + to life and mana.

As for the skills they are as follows:
Static Field: 1
Teleport: 1
Warmth: 1
Fire Mastery: 1
Firebolt: 20
Fireball: 20
Frozen Orb: 20
Ice Bolt: 20
Cold Mastery: 11 and counting

And Finally my faithful merc. Act two defensive for crowd control. His gear:

Helm: Vampire Gaze
Armor: Duriel's Shell
Weapon: The Reaper's Toll

Now that she is Mat'ed She'll be primarily used for magic finding and LK runs. As for the orb damage, it is up around 750 and kills meph and pindle decently fast. If everyone says a pure blizzard sorc kills even faster, I can't wait to try in the future. Thank you everyone for all your advice, and good luck to everyone with future projects.

mr hamster

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Nice orb damage. I see you went mostly orb...i'm working on a fire/cold sorc right now and i'm going full fire...see if i can beat you damage:grin:
But you have some nice, jacked gear for a first character



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Nice Orb damage man ... but fireball is very good too, 3k+ splash for just 40 points ... nice and inovative build! Maybe I'll steal it sometime in the future. :)

Also all skills +11 is not very common on a first PAT/MAT. good job. So what is next now? :)