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Frozen Armor sorc build - Advice Requested

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Moonflax, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Moonflax

    Moonflax Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 2, 2006
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    Frozen Armor sorc build - Advice Requested

    I'm working on an experimental build.

    20 Frozen Armor
    20 Shiver Armor
    20 Chilling Armor
    20 Cold Mastery

    20 Telekenesis? (ES?)

    The thing is this character needs a lot of mods. She needs skill levels like any sorc. She needs defense, and damage reduction. She needs high block. She needs... let's just say this is one of my biggest challenges. If I make this design work well then I really am good at what I do.

    I am hearing all advice.

    I need to know about Damage Reduction. Isn't there a capped %?

    Aside from that, I need to figure out how I can get 40+ skills, 12k+ defense (with armors on, mind you, I'm managing that right now, with the stuff Im merely experimenting with), a decent level of damage reduction and block...

    The character's form of damage is the retaliation of armors.

    They put those synergies in like that, didn't they? To max out any of the three armors, you gotta max out all three, plus mastery to reach it's fullest potential. So what is it's use? I have got to find one.

    Playing around on single with a version of the character who had hacked items, it made it clear to me a few key things.

    1: Some monsters can't be damaged by this build. Insert merc.
    2: Both ranged attackers and melee attackers can be stricken with cold damage for daring to attack me.

    I'll have cold covered, and my merc will do physical damage, and wear Infinity. I think giving him Holy Freeze may be redundant, as I'm pretty much icing things down with my masochistic combat style. I was thinking defiance instead.

    I have some things to figure out, such as, if a monster swings and misses due to defense, does he/she still get hit. I know that they do if I block.

    Any advice or input is appreciated, other than stating the obvious, i.e. "You're wierd", "This build sucks", "You're dumb for trying this," stuff like that. :}<
  2. HaLoPhReAk

    HaLoPhReAk Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 2, 2005
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    Not to flame...but I just can't see how this build can do any all...if it can, then post the damage it will do...? You can't even buff up your merc with it. But iono, try testing it or something...

    and saying you played with hacked items...even on SP wont get you very far here :lipsrsealed:
  3. BattleQueen

    BattleQueen Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Put on Trang gloves & Trang armor)?) & get a lvl 18 Fireball lol. 1 pt in Frozen Orb & 1 pt in Static won't hurt the build, but you'll lose some in prereqs. Kinda reminds me of the Thorn paladin..nce in theory but hardly viable?

    Since you're always going to get hit a lot, how about wearing items with % ctc *insert spell* when struck? But necessity for DR items limits the choice.

    35DR Stormshield is obviously a must-have.
    18DR Ber'd Shako another possibility

    9 from 9 x cold skill GCs
    3 from STorch
    1 from Anni
    2 from Shako/ Nightwing's/+2 sorc rare circlet
    2 from Mara's or +2 crafted amulet
    2 from 2 x SOJ/BK rings
    1 from Arach
    3 from Hoto or Death's Fathom/ Eschuta
    2 from CoH (+2, 65 resist, but lowish Def)

    +25 to skills with option to drop +4 for eth Zod'd Shaftstop & resist ring/ravenfrost.

    Your merc has to be a nasty killing machine here. Ditch the Infinity since you're not casting spells. Use a Lower Resist wand on switch instead. Get a Might merc equipped with:
    eth Vampgaze/ Andariel's/Tal Rasha's
    eth Fortitude
    eth Reaper's or eth Obedience GP or GT (faster WSM takes better advntg of 40% CB)

    Also do consider wielding a Beast one-hander for lvl 9 Fanaticism aura to boost your Merc's attack speed & damage. The +Str bonus helps you equip a Stormshield. :smiley:
  4. FrostBurn

    FrostBurn Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 6, 2005
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    I currently have a clvl 73 all cold armours sorc in Hell Act 1 with FW/FM as back-up. SP, with legit items. She will struggle greatly questing in games with more than two players.

    PDR% is capped at 50%.

    A Defiance merc greatly improves her defense rating.

    Neither Infinity or LR on a wand, alone or in combo, will do much in breaking cold immunes.

    Blocking with SS is mandatory.

    Read this to understand how the cold armours work.
  5. MageChick

    MageChick Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 30, 2006
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    Good luck - It looks like all the advice I could give has been covered.
  6. Moonflax

    Moonflax Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 2, 2006
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    I do not touch hacked items on the realms. I don't break the rules. I only toyed with a few a while back on single player, not even in hosted games. It was just to get a clear sense of where the damage was going.

    I remind you, SP is nothing to me but a testing ground for me to perfect my realms characters, and I refuse to cheat on realms. (I never touched whites or hexes).

    As for doing damage, yes, I do damage, even in hell. I've played around a bit, and I've gotten to where I can go into, say, hell worldstone, and I can deliver damage. It's a bit slow, and I wish there was a better source of health than to chug potions. I may switch my merc to Prayer.
  7. Moonflax

    Moonflax Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 2, 2006
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    Far more viable than a thorns paladin. I deal about 1500 cold damage on retaliation to all attacks, hit, miss, or blocked.

    The conviction does help, because the cold armors hit for cold damage, no?

    Every sorc I make has a point in static. Unfortunately just one click in orb probably would be weak in hell and it would also defeat the purpose of the build. Having seen how and where the damage applies through my testing (see previous post) I can tell when I'm doing damage pretty easily.

    This build dressed right is utterly brilliant when surrounded by many many little things, like fetishes. ^.^
  8. Moonflax

    Moonflax Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 2, 2006
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    I didn't realize that Frozen required that I was actually stricken. I think a little less of it, but it isn't anything but a synergy boost in this build anyways.

    My style requires that I 'target' monsters in one of two ways.

    1) Target all melee monsters aggro'd on me, by using Shiver.

    2) Target all ranged monsters aggro'd on me, by using Chilling.

    This requires a lot of hotkey back-n-forth, I can't damage both of these catagories at the same time, but with maxed C.Mastery and good skills +, anything that isn't CI takes noticable damage. Most monsters seem to take between 1/2 to 1/4 of their total health for each time they attack me.

    I've noticed Chilling is weaker... which is annoying.

    Also, this noteworthy, if you are surrounded by melee and ranged monsters, and have Chilling on, you'll riposte the ranged attacks, but the retalitory bolt will strike the monsters in the path of flight instead of the intended target... so when surrounded by both kinds, just use Shiver...

    P.S. It's good to see I'm not the only player of D2 in the entire world who is nutty enough to try this build. ^.^;;

    Edit: Adding my current setup for input and consideration.

    Lady Belfraust

    20 C.Mastery
    20 F.Armor
    20 C.Armor
    20 S.Armor
    20 Telekenesis
    1 Static
    1 ES
    1 Warmth

    Str. 120
    Dex. 175
    Vit. 155
    Eng. 135

    (Gotta be the most well-rounded stat setup you've ever seen, eh?)

    Helm: Nightwing's Veil (Cold Facet)
    Right: Death's Fathom (Cold Facet)
    Left: Ethereal Stormshield (Ber Rune)
    Amulet: Mara's Koleidascope
    Armor: CoH Archon
    Belt: Arachnid's
    Rings: SoJ x2
    Gloves: Frostburn
    Boots: Silkweave
    -1 Annihilus
    -1 Sorceress Torch
    -7 Cold Skill charms of Vita
    -6 SC's; Serpent (17 Mana) Vita (20 Life)

    Eth Infinity
    Eth CoA (Ber, Ber)
    Ethereal Fortitude

    I have acheived:

    Life: 1679 (after BO)
    Mana: 1744 (after BO)
    43% DR
    +100% Mana pool
    Maxed Block
    9573 Defense (alone)
    15181 Defense (with Merc Defiance on)

    I may not be breaking many immunes but I do feel the Infinity helps increase overall damage.

    Test Drive:

    I just did a hell baal run. I found that souls were nasty, so if you get one of those horrible clusters of 40 or so souls, it might be a good idea to have a few Wisps to swap. Other than that, I found it hilarious to see 20 or so soulkillers (fetishes) run up to me and all die in one or two swings, before my merc could even get to them.

    Colenzo was easy. Achmel was the hardest. He killed my merc, but then again, with 100000000000000 poison damage, he is the official designed merc killer. >.>; Bartuc wasn't that hard, if a little slow. I find that if you position yourself in a line with hydras directly between you and your target, you will pummel them with Chilling Armor bolts. The venom lord guy was easy, if a bit slow. They seemed to want to just spew fire, well, I could target that, but then they'd swing their wierd square swords at me, so may as well stick to Shiver, it's a bit stronger.

    Lister was the easiest. I kept his attacks blocked and let his minions swing at me to their hearts' content. They all went down fairly fast.

    Baal was a pain. It appeared that when he hit me with hoarfrost he was hit with multiple Chilling bolts, but I can't be sure. He just got annoying because he totally removes all viability of ES from your strategy, so I had to chug alot of potions. I've battled him for far longer, though, so I feel I've succeeded with this build. :)

    Frostburn, when you're of the right level, try out the things I am using, gear, etc. Don't despair on the character. it works out nicely when finally equipped well. (I have one on realms who is about 60ish and she does terribly.)
  9. SSoG

    SSoG Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 4, 2006
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    Personally... I'd drop a lot of that Cold Mastery (maybe 1-10 hard points, depending on how many +skills I could land) and make an ES sork. Makes a lot more sense, since you're going to be getting hit, to worry a bit more about survivability.

    If you can get a slvl 35 Energy Shield (should be very achievable, giving the type of gear you're talking about here), along with 50 PDR/MDR (this'll take a bit more work, but is also very doable), you'll be able to entirely negate all hits dealing 500 damage or less. A slvl 40 ES with 25 PDR/MDR will do exactly the same thing, but will require focusing more on +Lit Skills instead of +All Skills. The nicest part is that, once you've got the DR rig up, you don't have to worry about +life or +skills anymore.

    Torch, Anni, Arachnid's, 2x SoJ, and a +8 ES "Memory" runeword will get you to slvl 35 all by their lonesome. +2 Sorc skills on your helm, Ammy, and a +9 ES "Memory" will get you all the way to 40. After that, just wear a Gladiator's Bane and get a little bit extra PDR/MDR from somewhere (5-10 more points of each- hint: try safety crafts) and you're free to stand around in the middle of mobs of attackers without worrying about your little red orb. Glad's also has a very nice defense score for your Cold Armors to boost, and the CBF is also always welcome.
  10. Yossarian

    Yossarian Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    I have a thread about this on page 5. Built mine a few weeks ago and will pass-on a few thoughts.

    My original plan

    Changes I've made

    My gear

    Fathom ---Beast on switch adds Big Life with Stormshield for DR
    Snowclash (will provide me with blizzard and save points) -This is so key for lving this char. It saves you 2 skills points and gives you a real way to attack in PVM. Even through Hell in single player it's usable if not fast. For dueling switch it out for Verdungo or Thundergods or whatever you need if you are going to be in bear mode.
    2 soj's -Only use one with a Raven.
    Enigma -All the way so that you can tele as a bear :)
    4 cold CG
    res charms
    life mana charms

    +17 skills +4 cold
    50% or so + cold damage

    SKills (enigma damage) no plus damage added.

    20 Frozen armor
    20 Chiling Armor 566 - 655
    20 Shiver Armor 809 - 910
    1 CM
    15 telekenis
    10 ES
    1 LM
    1 TS
    1 Warmth

    (forget what I decided for helm)

    Thoughts on things.

    I built mine as a PVP not a PVM build. IN Bear you'll have over 1000 life and 1500 mana with no CTA. The point of the build is to kill by being swung at. The DR helps with phyiscal as does the ES. The bear will help you're life get boosted so that even if ES shorts out you're still ok and it does recover fast. The bear also gives you a melee attack if you want to since only your CM and LM will take hits (5 points each). Or switch back to keep them boosted and just stand there :)

    I've killed a few pallies who can't figure out how. I also got royally smoked by a few in 1 hit before I was all decked out. This is really an all or nothing build. But it does freak people out and is kinda fun for the WOW factor of it. BTW it is very good against ranged attackers. Just keep teleing and letting the CA do the work.

    p.s. CM only 1 point is needed. It's better to put the rest into ES and Telekinsis. You + skills and merc infinity will boost CM plenty.

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