Frost Zealot weapon question

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Frost Zealot weapon question

I'm looking to make a Black weapon for my frost zealot in a flail type weapon. I was wondering if it is worth the wait until I find a 3 socket knout or scourge, as I have a 3 socket flail at the moment. Will it really make a difference, or should I be patient?


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I'd love Black if it didn't have the knockback mod on it, just keep that in mind for your melee character...

The difference between a flail and a scourge is definitely worth waiting for but it depends on when you're planning on using it in your players career. A starter weapon would probably be a flail. The lvl req on a knout is 25, and its 57 for a scourge.


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For my zealot i used crushflange untill i made Black in a knout! Then I used Nords, then Heavens light (nice budget weapon and potential endgame weapon). Stormlash is a niceer endgame weapon as well!



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I think there are better options than Black for mid level characters as you seem to be.. The knockback is irritating and kind of ruins a very sweet weapon. There are plenty of exceptional unique weapons that would be awesome for a Frost zealot...I especially like Fleshrender, since it has

20% Deadly Strike
20% Chance of Crushing Blow
25% Chance of Open Wounds

And good physical damage...

As for your flail/knout/scourge question I'd wait for a knout because by the time you begin finding 3 socket scourges you'll probably have a better weapon or another set of runes for Black... good luck.


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what is the very best weapon for a f zealot??
ive got a nearly p heavens light, wat should i put in the 2 socets
i also have a runemaster, i was thinkin of puttin in 5 shaels for laughs


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Rune master hits 6 fpa with 2xShael and only 5fpa with 5xShael. Your Heaven's Light is already at 6fpa without anything in it, and would hit 5fpa if you 2xshael it and get 3% IAS somewhere else (or 2x 15% IAS jewel with other mods and get 13% somewhere else).

All of those fpa are with zeal of course.