Frost zealot questions


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Frost zealot questions

My frost zealot is now about level 77. Gear is as follows:

Amulet: 2/2 Seraphs
Weapon: Heaven's light (shael, eth)
Armor: Enigma
Helm: Guilluame's Face
Gloves: Venomgrip
Boots: Gore riders
Shield: HoZ (pdiamon)
Belt: String of ears
Rings: Ravenfrost, rare ring with 100AR and some resists

So far, I've maxed Zeal, Holy Freeze, Resist Cold, and put I've put a few points in each of sacrifice, salvation and holy shield. Currently I'm adding mostly to holy shield, with some to salvation mixed in.

My merc is an act 2 might merc. I'd like suggestions on my gear, and also have a few questions for all of you wise folks:

1) What AR is a good number generally? Mine is about 47xx and I feel like he misses a bit more than he should. Will this get better with more levels, or do I need to start either adding more dex (currently about 140) or going to blessed aim merc?

2) How much will fortitude help? I know I get the enhanced damage, but also would lose the +2 skills from the enigma.... Is there something else I should be looking for?

3) Should I switch weapons to a beast caddy or grief PB? Similar to the question above, is it worth losing the +skills and some CB?

4) Is there something I'm missing (other than mara's) that would help with resists? My char's inventory is stacked full of resist charms and still he has trouble with getting resists up in hell. I figure I can find a 15% res all jewel and socket it in the helm....

Help please!



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If you need res, you could switch coh fer the enigma, that's what my frostie uses. Your ar sounds about right considering you aren't using fanat. Frost zealots are based on cb and cold damage and with the low *physical* damage from zeal I'm not sure if fort would be worth it. If you want to boost your ar a bit true getting a demon limb, unique tryant club, lvl 23 chant charges :) IMHO get a coh, awesome res, dr skills and leech :thumbsup:


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Would it be worth it to go with a beast runeword? That would give a level 9 fanatacism aura, which looks like it would help out quite a bit..... Ideally I could find a caddy with a bonus to zeal, although I'm sure that won't come cheap. Thanks for the CoH idea, hadn't looked at that. What do frosties typically use for the ultimate shield?


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isnt HoZ the undisputed king for 99.9% of pally builds?

otherwise i would think a griwswolds shield with cold facets would do fine too...


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If you are uswest scnl i can show you what my frostie uses. And yea the ultimate shield would be a zak altho an elite spirit works well also.


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Unfortunately, I'm on USEast. Perhaps folks could post what they consider godly frost zealot gear? Right now I'm thinking I should add a cold facet to the helm and then track down Mara's for resists, Fortitude armor, steelrends and maybe a different weapon? I'm not sure if a phoenix or exile runeword shield would help or not....



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My frostie was set up to duel and to get as much out of holy freeze as possible. He used;

~19/-5 nightwings
~5/-5 hoz
~coh wire fleece
~doom zerk {couldnt get better than a -55 enemy res although}
~raven frost
~bul kathos
~blood fist
~10x offensive skillers with +wicked hp {still have these on a mule if anyone west nl sc needs}
~9x ar sc's

His zeal wasnt that fast, but he had a lvl 44 or so holy freeze with -65ish enemy res. The pulse alone was over 1k {just barely}, and killed everything except bosses / champions on its own in one flash in norm / most of nm. Radius was like 30+ yards and was very fun in duels.

But again, my build was focused aroun geting as much out of the aura as possible. My zeal speed wasnt that impressive, and although i did get him threw the game pvm wise, it would have been a bit easier with some crushing blow setup.

He maxed blessed aim after holy freeze/salvation/res cold, and ended with about 7k ar {lvl 89 when i stoped and turned em into a mule}. I didnt have an eth rune in my weapon and didnt have any problems connecting to monsters during hell baals. I'd say your ar is pretty good.