From Rags to Riches


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From Rags to Riches

This guide will explain in detail how to create fortune from nothing as fast as possible. Starting with a staff with + to fire bolt, a scroll of town portal, and a scroll of identify.

General Trading Rules for the Poor:

1) Do not be afraid to give more then an item is worth if it will make your MFer a better character
2) Do not trade for items to equip other characters you may have
3) Advertise items you have for trade in games
4) Do not trade for the sake of trading
5) Do not waste your time in the trade channels

If you already have characters over Level 40 on your account DO NOT DELETE them. Refer to the 7th and 8th Purpose of the MF Sorc and complete them with these characters as a first step.

Part 1 the MF Fire Sorc

The Purpose of MF Sorc:

1) Gain levels (to about 60)
2) Complete the Act 5 2nd quest on Normal
3) Handling Normal Baal runs
4) Finding Newb Gear
5) Equip Your MFer
6) Handling NM Meph runs
7) Complete the Act 4 Hellsforge Quest on NM
8) Complete the Act 4 Hellsforge Quest on Hell

For the sake of the guides length I will assume that you know how to complete steps 1, 2, 3, and 7.

Finding Newb Gear:

Most of the things you will find in your adventures in normal are considered junk by most players. In respect to that, this will sound very stupid, but every Gem, Rune, Jewel, Set piece, Unique, and Rare item you find keep it! No matter how valueless you think it is. One mans garbage is another mans gold! Eventually someone may need this junk and be willing to give you godly for it. It has happened before!

Equip Your MFer:

You should use the runes that you have from your Sorc serving her 2nd purpose to make Stealth Armor. Most of the things you will find at this point are of no use to you as a Fire Sorc. So what your going to do is take the best things that you have found and set out to trade. A Fire Sorc is one of the easiest characters to equip when you have nothing. Here is a list of ideal items to trade for:

Helm: Peasant Crown or Tarnem socketed with P Topaz, or Sol (for Lore)
Ammy: Saracens Chance
Weapon: Hexfire or Plague Bearer
Armor: Stealth Armor
Shield: Rhyme (or shael,) or Whistands Guard socketed with a P Diamond*
Gloves: Magefists or Frostburn
Belt: Gold wrap or bladebuckle
Rings: Nagel Rings or FCR rings
Boots: Any boots with MF mods

If you can get anyone of these items, even if it means trading everything you have for trade, you are headed in the right direction.

*If you are unable to get rhyme or Whistands, put 4 P Diamonds in a 4 socket shield for resistances.

Handling NM Meph runs:

After your MF Sorc has served her 5th purpose its time to do some NM Meph runs. Kill Baal for the quest (you should be level 51 at this point.) Complete quests 1-3 in NM. Do Meph runs until you have about 5 tradable or useful items (these items should be better then the ones you are already using.) Be prepared to invest hours into this.

Meph Run Procedure:

1) Go to the Durance of Hate Level 2 Wp
2) Teleport to Durance of Hate Level 3
3) Teleport across the "island" in Level 3 (on the side where there are no minions)
4) Run to Meph then turn around and run backwards towards the lava
5) Tele back to the island and run to a safe distance from Meph
6) Name lock him with Meteor until he dies
7) Tele Back over the lava and collect any valuable items, sell the worthless items for gold to a npc

The Final Purpose:

After serving her 7 purposes, you should have a decent amount of goods to trade. The Final purpose is where you can really make out well. Have a trusted friend rush you to your HellsForge quest and complete it. Up to Vex rune can drop here. Take your treasures from Meph, your rune from NM and Hell Hellsforge and set out to trade again. You are trading for Act 2 Mercenary gear, and better MF gear (don't start building a mercenary yet.) Here I will provide a list of ideal next Level items. If you got very valuable items from your MF Sorc (for example Vex rune, Gul Rune, Ethereal Titans, ect...) then refer to Part 2 Equip your MFer

Helm: Tals Helm (for mercenary)
Weapon: Arm of King Leoric; Bonehew Hel Amn(for mercenary)
Armor: Viper Magi, Shaft Stop (for mercenary)
Ammy: Any ammy with Tele Charges

Any of the items in the first list that you still don’t have other then a Helm, Weapon, or Armor.

Part 2 the MF Summon Necro

You want to start finding Elite Gear Right? This section is dedicated to the transition from a Newb MFer to an Intermediate MFer. This section of the guide will be in less detail to concepts you should be familiar with at this point. Towards the Final Purpose you will be planning to make a Wind Druid or a Hammer Pally. You will be making both builds. I recommend that you make the Wind Druid first.

General Trading Rules for The Middle Class:
1) Follow Rules 1-4 for trading rules for the poor
2) Use Trade Channels to your advantage in respect to more Uber Gear

The Birth of the MF Summon Necro:

1) Transfer your MF Sorc gear to your new MF Necro
2) Fullfil the 1st and 3rd purpose of your MF Sorc with your MF Necro

The Purpose of MF Necro:

1) Equip your MFer, why not a MF Sorc
2) Complete the Act 4 HellsForge Quest on NM
3) Successfully do Pit Runs on Hell Difficulty alone in full games
4) Complete the Act 4 HellsForge Quest on Hell
5) Buy any Magical Mythical Sword from Lazaruk or Malah
6) Successfully do Pindle Runs on Hell Difficulty

For the sake of the guides length I will assume that you know how to complete step 2. Step 4 is covered in part 1.

Equip your MFer:

By now you should be using the items mentioned in part one and have the mercenary weapons listed. There are several reasons not to use your Sorc. For one most of the monsters in the pit are fire immune. A Necro is more capable of surviving Hell with less gear then any other character. Here is a list of items that you are ultimately trying to attain in the course of your Necros' adventures.

Helm: Shako Socketed with P Topaz
Ammy: + to skills for Ele Druid or Combat Pally or Maras or Metal Grid
Weapon: Wizard Spike (continue to use Arm of King Leoric)
Armor: Skulders Ire Socketed with P Topaz
Shield: StormShield, or Rhyme Superior Grim shield
Gloves: MageFists
Belt: Goldwrap
Rings: Nagel Rings
Boots: War Travelers

The 3rd Purpose:

From about level 65 to level ** you should begin your 3rd purpose. Start out doing the Pit Runs in empty games until about lvl 75. At this point start doing the Pit Runs in full games. From lvl 75 to ** your going to find some l33t gears.

The 4th, 5th, and Final Purpose:

After you've reached lvl ** do your HellsForge Quest on Hell Mode. Then shop the npcs in Act 5 for any Mythical Sword. Take all the Chipped Gems that you found in Normal from your junk mules, and attempt to craft a Cruel Mythical Sword. Chances are this type of Magical property will not roll. If it does it will add to your wealth. Do Pindleskin Runs until lvl 90. Its amazing how well a 1.1 Necro can kill Pindleskin. Refer to Pindleskin Run Procedure below for the most economically efficent way to do them.

Pindleskin Run Procedure:

1) Talk to Malah; shop for Cruel Elite Items, or Jewelers prefixs
2) Repeat step 1 with Lazaruk
3) Take Red Portal to PindleSkin
4) Build your army off the Pindle Minions (they can drop good stuff, and give good experience)
5) Kill Pindle
6) Collect any valuable items, sell worthless items at the town npc
7) Repeat step 1 and step 2
8) Save and Exit


Here's the Good Stuff

For this portion of the guide, you should have the following: A lvl 90 MF Necro with some pimp MF gear, and a Hell Mule (the Fire Sorc) if you followed the first portion of the guide. You should have Hordes of Exceptional Uniques, Some Elite Uniques, Good Set Pieces, a few Mid-Level Runes, and maybe a few good Cruel Weapons. Here we will make the transition from an intermediate MFer to an "Upper Class MFer."

If you got a Vex rune from your one of your HellsForge quests trade it for a SOJ. If you got a Gul rune from one of your HellsForge quests trade some of your Elite Uniqes for another Gul rune and craft it into a Vex rune.

Part 3 the Wind Druid MFer (or Hammerdin MFer)


1) Complete HellsForge NM
2) Pit Run lvl 65-**
3) Complete HellsForge Hell
4) Do Hell Baal Runs
5) Get 2 Sojs
6) Get a Superior 3 Socket Archon plate with ED mod

For people reading this portion of the guide I'm going to assume that they are proficient in completing the first 4 purposes.

The 5th (key) Purpose:

SOJS are a pain to get we all know this. There is, however, an easier way to get them opposed to the conventional MF trade routine. The reason for making so many different MFers is the same as the answer to the SOJ:rune scarcity. More HellsForge quests. This is your stepping stone from wealthy to filthy rich. For advanced players they're 2 ways to increase your Hellsforges.
1) Create a new character and rush to Hellsforge
2) Rush for HellsForge (this is easier with Enigma but you don't have this yet)

If you didn't get any good runes from your first HellForges then create new ones until you have enough for 2 SOJS.

The Final Purpose

Trade any thing you have for a 3 Socket SUPERIOR Archon Plate with ED MOD, except your two sojs. I mean anything, this armor is priceless. Trade your two SOJS for Ber, and Jah rune. Make Enigma from the Sup Archon Plate. Right now an average Archon Enigma is worth 2 SOJS. Which is what you just spent.

The Difference Between 2 and 5 SOJS
The difference between 2 and 5 SOJS is = to the difference between Archon Enigma and Superior Archon Enigma. Your Sup Archon Enigma is worth 5 SOJS. You just made 3 SOJS from nothing! This is nothing new. We exploited trading tricks like this back in 09 with the 160-60ias (no blue jewels) Unshoppable Armors. You could trade for all the parts for 1/2 the price that you could sell the armor for!

General Trading Rules of the Rich:

1) Trade for SOJS or Runes
2) Avoid Spamming the trade channel
3) Watch the Trade channel spam. Chances are someone needs something you already have (if they need it bad enough they will give you godly for it.)
4) Only trade in the case of profit (you already have everything you need)

Good luck and have fun!


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Another one! I like you, you've made 2 guides and have only had 4 posts. That's a good ratio in my mind. I made some suggestions in your other guide, but most can be applied here if you'd like.

Aside usual stuff like upgrading belts to get the extra slots, or using cheap runewords where they will serve a purpose, you may want to add a section on travincal running. Maybe even blend in shenk/eldritch to the pindleskin technique. Trav running seems to be most popular among poorer bowazons, but that may be a generalization.

And one last tip for meph killing. Although sacrificing some MF, if you wear a dwarf star ring (for fire absorb) you won't have to ever worry about the council members hydras. I found those hydras extremely annoying at first, and that was my solution.


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I like your reply and i will try to look at it again when i have time in respect to revising the guide. The thing about the dwarf star is good but the only character actually doing the meph runs is the first one you make. It might be hard to get dwarf star in this point of the game.


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From what I understand Vex Rune CAN NOT drop form Hell Hellsforge, highest rune that can is GUL.


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Nice work, dude!

Some extra advice for equipping your "poor" MF'er:

You can get up to +25% MF on boots and gloves, or up to +35% MF on magic (not rare) boots. And these mods are not that uncommon, nor do they demand a particularly high item level. So if you don't have any good gloves or boots yet, gamble gamble gamble! You'll have rare boots & gloves with +MF% pretty quickly.

You can get up to +40% MF on a magic ring and up to +50% MF on a magic amulet! So these could be worth gambling for also, although they are more expensive than gloves and boots. It's always worth feeding crappy rings and amulets through the "3 rings = random amulet" and "3 amulets = random ring" cube recipe! You only need to be clvl 36 for a shot at a perfect amulet, and clvl 56 for a shot at a perfect ring (Fortuitous Amulet of Luck/Fortuitous Ring of Fortune).

Circlets can also get up to +50% MF but you'll do better with a topaz-studded helmet.

If you're looking to make topaz armour and/or helmet, you'd be better off making it with flawless (or even normal!) topazes to start with, rather than saving them up to cube perfect ones. The MF% different is not so great, better to get something now rather than wait until you have the optimal gems.


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How does a Necro gets corpse to summon skellies from? What kinda skils do you recommend in killing the first few beast and make them your own ?


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some suggestions from my experience.. :lol:

1. act1 blood moor - ur merc shd be able to take out a single fallen (i hope :innocent: ) and CE the corpse to get a few more..raise a few skellies and they just snowball from there...

2. pindle's yard - the defiled warriors there are all raisable (such a word? :scratch: ) so..just pop into the red portal and raise a few skellies to get u on ur way :thumbsup:


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Oh, I LOVE your enthusiasm, I really do... You have at least one good (not a new but good anyway) idea: To build a low/midle lvl m-finder before making the really one.

Otherwise I think it would be better if you tried to be less ambitious and titled your post not as a "Guide" but as something like.... "my HIGHLY personal mf preferences/expiriences"... With such a title it would be a really good job.

If I take it as a guide, it is on the top of most chaotical and misguiding guides I ever red.

I´m not going to do a comprehensive critique of your post - have no time for it. Just some topics:

You should make it clear that your expirience (and advices) are limited to non ladder.

To get much better information about possible low lvl mf gear is enaugh to look at old good site:

Your high lvl recommendations as shako/p topaz, skullders/p-topaz, travs, etc are not VERY new any more. I mean - EVERY beginner knows it before he/she knows where Den of Evil is located.

Your recommendations concidering merc gear (Tal mask, shaft etc) are not quite wrong but it is only one of many possibilities and not the best one. It is very clvl dependent which gear is best for a specific couple char/merc. The rest of your gear, especially amulets ("Ammy: + to skills for Ele Druid or Combat Pally or Maras or Metal Grid")... What really is your idea? What is a function of all this stuff? What´s your conception?

In your trading recommendations you miss a simple fact that every low lvl mf item (as Tarnhelm, Goldwrap, Chance Guards, Nagelrings... oh - occasionally even Skullder's Ire) you can trade for p-gems. On trading channels... But you don´t recommend trading channels for low lvl chars... ????

Your choice of final m-finders (Summon Necro, Wind Druid or a Hammer Pally if I understand you right) is... just amasing. OK - I respect your personal preferences. Personally I like to play my old zon and I gave her a lot of mf but I would NEVER recommend a zon as a mf char or write a "guide" about her!

You never write any discussion - why just fire sorc in the beginning, why necro or hammardin next???


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Fux0r said:
This is how i got rich on the LADDER.
In this case - why did you recommend Bonehew as merc weapon and not even discuss cheap, common and excelent Reaper's Toll for non necro builds or Tomb Reaver (mf, resists) for necro build?
Anyway - I noticed one more good side of your guide: Your idea to include trading part. I´ve never seen it before. :)


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I like how you give at least some respect to the middle, low level junk. Some of my favorite crap is almost never mentioned in faqs, guides ect. I mean, in normal mode, playing that quite a few times I have a almost a whole set. Not at home, so I don't remember the name of it, but id does give +1 fire skills and bonus fire damage. It doesn't sound like much when you compare it to what you may find in hell mode, but so many guides/conversations forget that normal and nightmare are indeed part of the game, and not just some obsticle to reaching hell mode.


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i started ladder with the fire sorc as well. the leaf runeword and the ability to farm meph right up front just made perfect sense. good "guide" fuxor.


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I also got rich as a fire sorc for my first char, then I did pits with a zon, but thats personal preference, and now I am making a zealot for fun and mfing with my other two when I need.

I may add that it isnt needed to strip your chars. I have 3 fully geared mf chars, as well as 2 fully gear playing chars, and I only play a couple hours a week.