From 92 to 93 in 1246 Pindle runs.


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Hey together,

this is my first post in here. Started my Singeplayer journey some months ago and im really enjoying it after playing on and off on bnet for years. Have been reading some similiar topics and i thought why not share my results with you.

So after i recently leveled my Sorc from 89 up to 90 while doing about 750 mephisto runs and found some nice items in the process (including a Lo rune from a random chest) i thought it would be "fun" to continue with my Fa/Lf Amazon and do some pindle runs with her and level her up in the process for some extra motivation. She had just reached level 92 before i started and i calculated that it would take ~2600 runs on P1 which i wasnt sure if i could handle that much, so i went with P3 instead. Usually my runs are more like random/mixed targets so this project was more like a challenge/experiment + the items as bonus on top.

I ended up doing 1246 runs on P3 with 372mf for the biggest part of the runs. Could propably have added some more mf if i had respeced to full javazon, went with P1 or if i had better gear/more mf charms yet. I used harmony on switch to speed up the running-part a bit and each run took me about 30 seconds.

Here is what i found (not in order of appearance):

- Griffons Eye
- Ormus 15% Cold/Blizzard (from one of his minions)
- Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
- Spirit Ward
- 2x Mavinas Armor
- Mavinas Gloves
- Eaglehorn
- Goldstrike Arch
- Witchwild String
- 2x Kuko Shakaku
- 3x Unique Ring (Carrion Wind, Nagel, Manald)
- Stormshield
- Headhunters Glory
- 3x Laying of hands
- Titans
- Thunderstrokes
- Jalals Mane
- Blackbogs
- 2x Que Hegans (1 of them eth)
- Bartucs
- Wizzy
- String of ears
- Verdungos
- Trang Oul Belt
- Bonehew
- Black hades
- Grave Palm
- Gulliaumes
- Natalyas Armor
- Necro Summon Skiller

Also some common normal items like sigons/isenhart which i didnt pick up + about 80 flawless gems + a few low runes up to Lum + some rares which have only turned into gold unfortunaly. Overall im quite happy how it turned out (reached my goal + cant complain about griffons obviosly) will propably continue running pindleskin from time to time in the future but in smaller sessions like i did before this project and not sheduled for days in a row.


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Congrats, especially on the Griffon's Eye & Ormus' Robes, both excellent drops for that number of runs!