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Happy Good Friday everyone :)

Today is the start of a weeks hols for me. But its going to be a busy one. An Easter party for Keish and 14 other children tomorrow, then off to a party tomorrow night, Easter mass earlier on Sunday followed by another childrens party. Gee I'll need a holiday after that :D

I've decided to put Barry on hold for awhile and start a grail. Of all the things that I have done I really haven't started a grail. Soooo, I've made a Necro :p and am starting a grail with him. I'm happy to add that he's already found one green and gold and is only lvl 14, so I am very happy with that.

Hope you have a good day.

- Jas :wave:


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Hi seige!
It is about similar over here. We burn huge easter bonfires on top of the mountains during the night from saturday to sunday. On sunday morning at 6 a.m. we go to church and celebrate the easter mass. (I must admit this one of the two times I go to church each year...)

I played a bit of my two Tournament characters last night but mainly fooled around and did not get any much further.
The ST II Pali is awaiting his 2nd challenge and so can only drop far back to act 1 and search for some TC3 uniques/sets so that he won't raise his score too much by that. And I did not get too far with the AQT III druid either as I didn't have enough time. I got the next wp and a level - so he is lvl 54 now and still searching for that 2s pelt with good natural mods to put Ort-Sol in.

Have a nice day and Happy Easter to you all!


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No easter celebrating here, quiet. To do some reading today, hope the book turns out good.

D2 wise the day sucks already: my LoD cd's mixed up. Can't play Act V without constant crashing... Luckily I put my lightning sorc through A5 normal yesterday... Well, off to do some... well I don't know yet, maybe I will as I see my faithfull chars lined up.


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Happy Easter everyone, that is if you celebrate it (I don't but my wife and kids do).

Yesterday I was off traveling and today I'm out after work, so there has been no D2 for me. Today is one of the quietest days in the financial markets, so I'll probably be perusing the forums all day to keep myself sane. I might play my KoL character for a while. That I can do at work.

Enjoy your weekend...

slappy sam

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Not much going on today. I got school off and a friend is coming over this afternoon. I'll work on my trapper... level 14 :p


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howdy all! in about an hour, I'll be going back home from the kids house I babysit. I'm dedicating today to LoD, to get another good start. I'm out of school, and currently unemployed, so I should be good to go. (in a LoD since ;) )

oh, wow, good friday. I don't do anything for easter. well, wait, i usually go up to my sister's church up in the cities for something. the kids at the church usually have some play or somethin, so its wholesome family boring fun. (for me anyways)

hope everyone else has a good easter and great friday


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Still haven't found a single egg :x

Found a dual leech ring, an ammy with +2 sorc skills, 20 res all, 10% fcr. My CB sorc also found a kelpie snare and a raven frost, now she's waiting for an eth shaftstop from duriel, still 3 wps to go.


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Good Friday everyone :).

I got my Javazon started this morning, rustling through the first few quests in Act I. I don't know why, but starting a new character is always great fun. Don't think I'll ever get sick of it, which a good thing. Anyways, I'm determined to mold this character into a fine-tuned cow-killing machine. I still need to add a couple items to my inventory (namely Tgods, and some Java charms), but all in all, this character is looking really nice on paper. Let's see how she turns out.

Got Milk?

Well ive just got my digglet from the middle of act 5 norm to act 2 nm, and have gone for the route of ubertwinked. here's my setup at clvl 50 after killing andy:
Upped diggler with a 15%IAS jewel
vamp gaze helm
duriels shell armor
herald of zakarum shield
string of ears belt
lava gout gloves
war traveller boots
angelic ring and ammy
rare duel leech ring

That gives me
the 65% IAS needed for 4 fps zeal
max resistances (with a couple of charms)
a uber 21% life leech (if i can leech from it, im practically invincible at this stage)
cannot be frozen
75% block rate without holy shield active
34% damage reduction
and a partridge in a pair tree.

And with maxed fanat already, with slvl 11 zeal and 13 sacrifice, i can still kill at P8.

At this rate, i will have to reconsider my stance of hating pallys, although i wont be making a hammerdin anytime soon..:rolleyes:


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No big holiday plans here. I've been countess running with my sorc which is going pretty well. I'm tracking the finds, so at some point I'll post results once I have a larger sample size. It's a fun diversion for awhile.

Pico Dynamite

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Yes Friday!!!
Well, today I'm ganna play on my trapsin. I've gotten her to the beggining of act2 norm, and I'm hoping on gettting her somewhere into act3 tonight. I also plan to do some LK runs to find some runes hopefully. I'm planning on playing a bunch this spring break :D
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Ahhh well its time to abandon my Hammerdin in act one hell.
I finally have enough decent druid gear so i can start on my Shifta.
Thanks to the kind people in the giveaway thread i have a Jalals mane and ribcracker and a t-witch and some other nice gear for a drood. Well i hope y'all have a good friday. Im gonna start my drood once i go and see the movie Robots, i heard it was good so what the hay why not. Haave a good friday and dont ket the squid in. ;)