Friday is here! (the friday thread)

Temporary Insanity

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Today I took my sorceress on a run through act 1 nightmare on players 3 setting, after killing quest andariel (and getting really bad drops) yesterday. The countess was nice enough to drop me a Ral rune, and outside the tower a mob dropped Sander's Riprap - I finally have a self-found one now ^_^. Andariel dropped absolute crap - two piles of gold and a magical item. And maybe one or two other things. Maybe I could try players 5 - the merc dies either way from 3-4 hits and the poison. But his weapon has prevent monster heal so I let him whack andy a couple of times, static while nearby, then run around the blood lake using frozen orb. She dies... if not quick, at least safely.

Some minorly decent luck, I suppose, but I did use up all my Friday the 13th luck today by opening a Chrome Mox in a magic draft, opening a Sword of Light and Shadow, getting passed a skullclamp, and thus getting second place which pretty much paid for the entrance fee ^_^.