Friday frivolity - workplace theft?


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So bagel eaters are more likely to commit fraud? Or is it frauds are more likely to eat bagels? Or maybe the cream cheese causes biochemical fraud emitors to go into overdrive? :cheesy:

As an undergrad I had a OB/HR prof who designed a test to measure honesty in the workplace. A nationally prominent scholar, I might add. It was funny to compare scores when they got back and hear the people with low scores justify stealing pens and such.



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I look at it this way. For the low low cost of one dollar I get a nice fresh bagel, cream cheese and get to sleep at night knowing my honor is intact.

Cheap at twice the price. :thumbsup:
Well i know i would be tempted to take a bagel for "free" at least once. But if i liked it, and had 1 daily, i would pay up, guilt is a [female dog] at times. Anyway, its good to see the guy made as much money selling bagels as he did as head of a research department for 20 years.