friar pally


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friar pally

hey i was interested in this build and noticed there wasnt a guide for it. i searched for friar and nothing came up. I was wondering what is a good skill setup. I was thinking of an offensive friar something like this:

1 Zeal (main attack)
20 Sacrifice (more damage)
20 Prayer
20 Meditation
20 Holy Bolt

Basically zeal on left click and meditation on right click. Switch to holy bolt to heal people faster. Demon limb on switch for the AR bonus.


weapon: eth zod'd upgraded ribcracker
armor: Fortitude AP
Helm: Guillame's w/ Um
Gloves: Dracul's
Boots: Goreriders
Belt: Verdungos
Ring: Raven Frost
Ring: BK
Ammy: Highlord's

Anni, Ptorch, 20 life/5 resist SCs, 3/20/20s

Act 2 Might Merc:
Weapon: Eth Pride GPA
Armor: Bramble AP
Helm: Vamp Gaze

This setup would give me:
-over 8000 damage at 7fpa
-Holy Bolt will heal 400 health per hit.
-meditation will be giving huge mana bonus and small life bonus.
-100% Crushing Blow


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Another funky version (more like the ambulancedin guide) is that you could use an insight archon staff (or any other funky staff with 4 sockets and high damage), which will give you meditation aura for free, leaving you with the option to use another aura.
It is similar to your build, even though it focuses less on things like holy bolt. Of course, you can remove charge synergies etc from that build, and add to holy bolt for a funny combo.
No matter which you choose, getting meditation from a polearm cant be wrong. Especially not when you still get the groovy staff weapon look (=friar) :azn: