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Frequent Technical Issues - PLEASE FOLLOW BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Patch Bug Reports & Suggestions' started by Thyiad, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Thyiad

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    Frequent Issues

    This covers many of the most frequently posted problems. Please follow the links provided before posting another thread; this may well get you on your way sooner than a new thread! There is a section for Vista at the bottom of this post and a Vista thread at the top of this forum.

    General Tips and Information

    Uninstall any add-ons you may have.
    Uninstall the game.
    Run anti-virus, spyware programs (EG Spybot search and destroy, Avira, Adaware)
    Defrag your computer.
    Re-install the game from your original CDs.
    Check Blizzards Technical Support Site if something is not mentioned below.

    Problems with your CD or CD key

    This site does not condone or accept illegal behaviour.
    Stompwampa's Ultimate Guide to lost CD-Keys and Broken Play Discs is the only help we can provide if you have lost your CD key or have a broken disk.
    If you have your existing CD keys you can download D2 from Blizzard.
    Blizzard will replace broken CD's for a small charge. Frankly the cost of D2 it's probably as cost effective to grab a copy from the bargin bin at your local shop.

    Are you receiving a message saying: "Unhandled Exception: (c0000005)"?

    Remove -ns from your shortcut. This will cause a crash on Act change.

    This is often a problem of people running programs which contravene the ToS and/or EULA. So uninstall them

    This from the Blizzard support site may help.

    This link may help.

    Cannot connect to some servers

    Resetting the server list.

    Remember temp bans do happen if you frequently change characters too quickly. Try to leave a few minutes before each new game being created. For example; run a few bosses not just one.

    If you have a dynamic IP address, powering down your router/modem long enough for that IP address to reset, may help.

    Graphics Issues

    Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date.
    Sven's Glide Wrapper is great for new cards. Allows resizable windowed D2, increased FPS on

    Need to manually patch your game?

    You may need to do this if you can't get the auto patcher to run.
    Blizzards patch list. This is a patch only you still need the original game and D2 and LoD CD keys.

    Body disappearing

    You can only have one dead body in softcore. If you die and exit your things will be on the ground when you log in. If you try and 'rescue' your body with some gear and die again, you will lose items. The items which are kept are what is most valuable as sold to a vendor. So your EBotD may not be kept while a rare axe might be!

    Best thing to do is if you die and can't safely get your body back naked; don't try because you could lose your original gear.

    Vista and Diablo 2

    Posts asking for help should go in the Stickied thread at the top of this forum.

    Vista problems

    Ensure you are installing etc in Administrator mode.
    Ensure you have compatibility turned on.
    Try Microsoft Virtual PC.
    Please check the Vista thread here

    Vista and XP Dual Boot option

    Check this out if you want to dual boot.

    Blizzards Vista Troubleshoot Guide

    "Thank you for emailing the Blizzard technical support department in
    regards to your issue. If you are running Microsoft Windows Vista and are
    having problems running Diablo II, we have some troubleshooting steps
    that will assist in getting the game up and running.

    If at any point you receive an error message from Windows stating "This
    program has known compatibility issues," please first make sure the
    game is fully patched to the most recent version. You can patch the game
    by connecting to for the auto-patch or you can download and
    run the stand-alone patch from the Diablo II Patch Page at If the patch does not
    correct the problem, please reinstall the game per the instructions

    Now, run a thorough scandisk and defrag of your hard drive(s). You
    will probably find it helpful to disable your screen saver and power
    management features before you scandisk or defrag. Sometimes Windows will
    restart the defragmentation and/or scandisk if your screen saver or
    power management kicks in. The following webpage has instructions on how to
    complete this:

    Now reinstall Diablo II and download and install the latest Diablo II
    patch from

    If you are still encountering problems please test the game after
    trying each of the steps below. Each solution listed has been reported to
    solve these problems for other customers.

    - Make sure the latest video drivers you are using are compatible with
    the latest version of DirectX or you could experience video problems.
    Contact your video card manufacturer to ensure compatibility if you
    cannot find the information on the page you downloaded your video drivers
    from. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX from

    - Make sure you have the latest drivers for your Video and Sound cards.
    You'll want to check with your computer manufacturer or the Video/Sound
    card manufacturer's website for the current drivers that match the
    model of card you have in your system. A list of manufacturers with contact
    information can be found at

    - Download and install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard.
    Check the motherboard manufacturer's website for updated chipset
    drivers, first. If you can't find updated drivers at the manufacturer's
    website, the next two most common locations for chipset drivers are and

    - Before starting the game, make sure there are no other programs
    running in the background. Instructions for how to shutdown all background
    applications can be found at

    - Our games run in 640 x 480 with 256 colors. Try setting your desktop
    to this resolution on going to the Compatibility tab before starting
    the game. Vista users may find they cannot set this resolution, so they
    can skip this step. If you are not sure how to do this please contact
    Microsoft for further assistance.

    - Make sure all Power Management settings are disabled or turned off.
    If you have a screen saver, set it to "None" before playing the game.

    We only offer support for the game if played on an Administrator
    account. Please make sure the game is running in administrator mode. In
    order to set the game as Administrator Mode, please follow the steps below:

    1. Right click on the Diablo II icon.
    2. Select "Run as Administrator"

    If you have additional permissions questions, you should refer to your
    Windows help files or documentation.

    If that does not allow you to run the game, please make sure you set
    the game to Windows XP SP 2 compatibility mode.

    1. Right click on the Diablo II icon.
    2. Select "Properties"
    3. Click on the "Compatibility" tab
    4. Select "Windows XP SP2"
    5. Click "OK"

    In some instances we have found disabling the User Account Control
    (UAC) has also alleviated some of the strict permissions Vista has.

    NOTE: Disabling the UAC can open your computer up to potential
    security risks. Please be advised if you are not comfortable disabling this
    we recommend you contact Microsoft for further options.

    To disable the UAC:

    1. Click "Start"
    2. Click "Control Panel"
    3. Click "User Accounts"
    4. Under the User Accounts screen click on "User Accounts" (this is a
    second time you'll see this option)
    5. Click on "Turn User Account Control on or off"
    6. Uncheck "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your
    7. Click "OK"
    8. Click "Restart Now"
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