frenzy uber'r help


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frenzy uber'r help

Hello all!
I am completely new too the forums as far as posting, but am on reading different threads and guides, and base most of my builds on them and some of the helpfull ideas that ppl have posted.

Now, im havin issues right now as to wether the gear i have/ am gettin , would be sufficient for a frenzy uber'r ( will be puttin points into ww after ive maxed frenzy,w.e. synergies, probly bo/shout,)

Ne who... this is the gear that will be on my new barb.

ARMOUR- dusk nigma, 77 str req, ( so that i only need to basically put 55 base str)

HELM- currently a regular arreats( non eth :sad2: ) gg low budget helm IMO.

BOOTS- gores, no doubt about it.

GLOVES- 9ll/14str dracs... (very obvious there... 5%chance of LT, 9ll, str
bonus.) possibly rends for when i feel like doing a lil dueling :grin:

BELT- dungo's ( the vita and dr ) figure it would come in handy

AMMY- i don't have a clue right now lol, was kind of thinkin highlords for the ias, light res, DS, plus skill, but thats open for argument.

RINGS- im not sure here... some ppl say angelics.. but because of my choice of weapons( u will understand ) i am not needin the MASSIVE AR too break past defense. so maybe a RF and a BK

~~~ now for the interesting part, and most important. ~~~

My weapons of choice-

Griefz or pb(as first weapon)- pb i believe is faster, and i know for a fact i won't be spending oodles of gold for repairs... even though im sacrificng max damg. im chosing grief for the direct hit to life bonus! and ias.

LWpb(as second main weapon)- this is where ppl say im going wrong. but i beg to differ as i am using him for uber's mainly. it has CB(mine has 68) LT, and lvl17might, which i think is pretty godly

Or i was debating to use a beastz that my buddy could hook me up with reason for my madness... 40iAs, lvl 9 fanta. lvl17 might + lvl9 fanta.. is really tempting.

Then theres DOOM. i am lost there. i want it soo bad lol, but feel that it'd be

Im sorry for the long post, would appreciate ne help :grin:

I also have a ele druid im constantly duelin with on USwest, ladder, sc. might have seen me... its PMO-apocolypse ... once i get barb up and runnin and take him for test runz i will be offering my help to ppl in need of uber help, becuase hey, thats what he;'s gonna be made for :D


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ok, first on the weapons front, pick them before you start the build. weapon mastery is pretty important so id either go for swords or axes not both (as you mention pb's and then beastz). enigma isnt a very good armour for ubers in my opninion and you'd be better off with either chains of honour for stacked res. or forti for the damage (my personal choice :) stick it in an archon plate for decvent defense and only 103 strength req. I wouldnt worry bout the arreats being non eth, i prefer having a socket i can use rather than higher defense. major problem with phase blades is their massive dex req. (and tbh, i prefer deathz and ebotdz, but thats js me :) if you definitely want to use the beast, slap on a botdz aswell, and stick with zerkers, otherwise dont mix n' match :)