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Frenzy: Max Damage and Uber Guide 1.11

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Spankeh, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Frenzy: Max Damage and Uber Guide 1.11 Revised May 2011

    Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy
    Max Damage and Uber Guide 1.11 Revised May 2011

    " long as the edge of your blade finds the back of their skull, you'll become unstoppable!" ​

    Revised ideal Frenzy set-up for Ubers and Max Damage.
    Huge Shoutout to Ash Housewares for his Comprehensive Frenzy Guide.

    The Frenzy Skill and Life Leech
    Base Weapon Speed and Increased Attack Speed
    Skill Allocation and Synergies
    Attribute Allocation
    Monster Attributes
    Weapons and Curse Casting
    Max UberTrist Items​

    The Frenzy Skill and Life Leech

    Frenzy deals physical damage, from 2 equipped weapons that attack alternatively, that increase in swing rate after 4-5 successful hits.
    Damage is transferred to an enemy by way of physical damage being dealt by you from your 2 equipped weapons.
    A Frenzier's absolute maximum swing rate or final breakpoint, is Five frames per attack (5fpa), and requires increased attack speed items.
    Monsters aim to stop the above from happening, or at least, minimize the amount from happening.
    They include: Chance to block, high defense, high physical resists, stun, freeze, mana burn, auras, cursing.

    Frenzy is a high offense skill. Not surprisingly it is also a low defense skill.
    What i mean by this is, although he can deal massive damage, it leaves a Frenzier constantly "looking over his shoulder".
    By default, its his proximity to his enemies that makes him vulnerable, standing in the middle of, and being surrounded by, hordes of enemies.
    A Frenzier has no shield, therefor no block, and in turn lower resists, and subsequently much lower defense.
    A Frenzier also has no effective "area affect' damage, and hence, we start to look overwhelmed in Hell and beyond.
    Your life bulb gets big chunks taken out of it when swarmed by a pack of Mana Burning Physical Immune Death Lords, while Black Souls zap lightning from a distance.
    To counter this, a Frenzier hits so hard and fast, that monsters ain't around very long to take advantage of these drawbacks.
    But how much death can a Frenzier surround himself with, face to face with certain doom, and live?

    The answer is Life Leech!

    What is it? Why is it good for a Frenzier? How does it work?
    Life Leech steals life from a monster and adds it to your lifebulb when you successfully hit them with your weapons.
    The amount of physical, elemental, poison, and magic damage you receive from multiple monsters is so high and so constant, that it's an essential safety device for a Frenzier.

    Interestingly, a beneficial side affect/paradox presents itself.
    Increasing the amount of leech allows a Frenzier to become more aggressive, in that you can ramp up his damage output, by maxing his offensive skill point placement, and neglecting his defensive skill point placement.
    In turn, ramping up his damage, gives you more leech, because leech is tied to how much damage your target receives, not how much damage he deals.
    They go hand in hand, giving mini life tap type leech per hit.
    It gets to a point that as long as the edge of your blade finds the back of their skull, you'll become unstoppable.
    But enemies have two tricks up their sleeve to stop you leeching. These are High Physical Damage Resist % and Low Drain Effectiveness %.
    It varies from monster to monster, increasing their Phys Res % and lowering their Drain Effect %, as we progress to NM and Hell.

    Ideally, a Frenzier would like his enemies to have 0% Phys Res and 100% Drain Effect.
    And if they do, and you deal 5000 damage from each of your weapon, and you have say 10% life leech, you will steal 500 life per hit per weapon.
    But as soon as your enemy has say, 50% Phys Res and 20% Drain Effect, you will now receive:

    5000 x 50% Phys Res = 2500
    2500 x 20% Drain Effect = 500
    500 x 10% Life Leech = 50 life per hit.

    That's a 90% reduction in life steal. Not good.
    So, increasing your Life Leech % and minimizing your enemies Physical Resist % is a GG way to keep your Frenzier alive and kicking.
    I will show you how to do this later.
    But unfortunately, no player can change a monsters Drain Effectiveness %.

    Base Weapon Speed and Increased Attack Speed

    Frenzy checks the base weapon speeds in each hand and averages the difference.

    Here's an example:
    Phase Blade in main hand -30, and Champion Sword -10 in off hand.

    -30 and -10 = -40
    -40/2 = -20

    -20 is the Base Average Weapon Speed for the above two weapons together.

    It then checks for any Increased Attack Speed % on your Main Hand Weapon.
    It also checks for any Increased Attack Speed % from other non weapon gear like amulets, gloves, belts, helms, armor etc.
    It will never check for any Increased Attack Speed % from your Off Hand Weapon.
    Equipping a weapon with zero Increased Attack Speed % on your Off Hand will not restrict you in your goal of attaining 5 attacks per second.
    If you do equip a weapon with Increased Attack Speed % on your Off Hand it will not be counted.

    The idea for a Frenzier is to crack the final 5 attacks per second breakpoint.
    Another common term is 5 frame animations per attack, or 5fpa

    Skill Allocation and Synergies

    01 in Bash
    01 in Double Throw
    01 in Howl
    01 in Iron Skin
    01 in Natural Resist
    01 in Shout
    01 in Battle Command
    20 in Battle Orders
    20 in Weapon Mastery
    20 in Double Swing
    20 in Taunt
    20 in Frenzy

    Frenzy has 4 Synergies: Taunt | Double Swing | Weapon Mastery | Berserk
    Max all except Berserk. Leave it well alone, it doesn't increase your physical damage, just converts a piddly amount to magic damage.
    The magical damage when used as a skill, instead of a synergy is also irrelevant.
    The other synergies add 8% damage per point, Mastery adds 5% damage and 8% attack rating.
    If you didn't know, maximum skill points anyone can acquire (at lvl 99 with all quests completed), is 111, and this build requires 108, which makes it complete at lvl 96.
    After that (if your feeling saucy) spend a point or so on Iron Skin, Shout or Nat Resist.

    Skills to not waste points on:

    Increased Stamina
    Increased Speed

    First of all, for general gameplay and Baal runs, Enigma is quite suited to frenzy barbs.
    Don't bother blowing 2 points to run faster via the Barb skill Increased Speed, because you gain 45% faster run walk plus you get Teleport.
    If your not using Enigma, frenzy boosts your run speed by nearly 50%, and is only second in speed to a teleporting Sorceress.
    As for Increased Stamina, with the amount of hard points going into Vita, you'll have so much stamina you'll run forever. Why spend more points on it?


    Spending 3 points to get to Berserk was what I USED to do to kill PI's.
    Later in this guide, you will see this is just a waste of points that you could add to your Frenzy synergies instead.
    Berserk is literally a disruption to the Frenzy Damage | Life Leech machine.
    Having zero defense and no life leech is the last thing you want to do to your Frenzier, especially on purpose.
    Reserve those skills for a different build.

    Leap|Leap Attack

    Just NO to any of these. They require completely different build/items. Don't waste your precious points on these.

    Attribute Allocation

    Depends on your weapon choice.
    Axes will need virtually no hard points spent in Strength and Dexterity.
    Swords will need roughly 35 Strength and 15 Dexterity hard points.
    But adding more in Strength will boost your damage output, and I have started putting +200 additional hard points here lately, and compensating the Vita loss with high life leech items.
    Rest in Vitality
    Zero in Energy

    Monster Attributes

    Monsters have 18 attributes: resists, hit points, defense, melee damage etc etc.. but Frenziers are only interested in 2.
    Enemy Physical Resist %, and Drain Effectiveness %.
    Yep, here they pop up again.
    Everything else to be honest, means squat, besides maybe their Chill Effectiveness %, and Hit Points somewhat.
    Enemy Physical Resist % reduces the damage that they receive.
    Most monsters in Hell have a 30-50% DR, some higher with the Stoneskin mod at 80%, some even immune altogether. (+100%)
    All a Frenzier wants to do, is reduce their Phys Res %, or remove their Phys Res % all together, or even go into negative Phys Res %.
    If you can do the latter, they will receive more damage than what your Barb is actually producing.

    Do this, and your Frenzier is GFG.

    Why do nothing, and allow hell monsters to rob what your weapon is capable of?
    You invest time and wealth on acquiring a new 415% eBotDz, but monsters are denying half your damage from ever touching them.
    That's final damage.
    If your LCS says your doing 3000-7500 Frenzy damage per weapon, your target monster is really only receiving 1500-3750.
    To actually do 3000-7500 damage to your target, your LCS needs to display 6000-15000.
    But how will you do that? Can you go out and get a lvl 60 Concentration Aura for 945% ED?
    Is that even enough? Do we need a lvl 50 Fanata Aura as well?

    You cant, basically.

    It becomes exponentially impossible to keep ramping up your damage.
    Especially when you already have all the GG runewords and ED% aura's maxed out.
    And more surprisingly, monster Physical Resist % also effects your Crushing Blow 1:1
    Crushing blow (when successfully "cast") reduces Uniques and Bosses life by 12.5% per attack.
    But, as long as they have a Physical Resist of 50%, this comes down to 6.25%.
    If your target has a Physical Resist of 100%, they wont receive ANY of this life reduction. Even if you have 100% Chance Of Crushing Blow.
    Same happens if you have 100% Chance Of Deadly Strike, this doubling of damage is completely negated.
    Not good.

    Drain Effectiveness is the opposite end of the spectrum.
    This attribute dictates the amount of life and mana you can leech, regardless of their physical resists.
    When a target has 0% drain, you cannot leech, and there's no way to change a targets' drain property.
    As long as a target has positive drain, you can leech. The higher the better.


    Here's a list of standard, all round general play items to equip your Frenzier, on a day to day basis.

    Helm: Arreats Face - Skills Leech Resists Strength Dex AR Hit Recovery Soc 15ias jewel
    Armor: Enigma - Skills FRW Strength bonus Life DR%
    Belt: Verdungos - DR% HR Vita
    Boots: Goreriders - DS CB OW
    Gloves: Draculs - Str LL Wounds LifeTap
    Amulet: Highlords - Skills Lite Res Deadly Strike 20%IAS
    Rings: Ravenfrosts - 2x 240+AR | 20 Dex
    Weapons: Later in this guide...
    A few of those items get changed about when battling Ubers.


    Best possible stats for each charm listed in parentheses.

    34x Fine/Vita Sml Charms (3/20/20)
    03x Resist/Life Sml Charms (20/5)
    01x Annihilus Sml Charm (20/20)
    01x Torch. Lge Charm (20/20)


    Blessed Aim
    Holy Freeze

    All of these Paladin Auras are GG for a Frenzier, via items and Mercs.
    Pity Conviction doesn't reduce physical resist like the elementals.
    Of all the Auras, only one reduces physical resists. Sanctuary, although its only for undead.
    Contrary to popular opinion, the 660% damage to undead seems to work, since one swing cuts them like paper, but I cant hard verify it.
    Researching further, it seems Damage to UnDead and/or Demons doesn't work for Smite, and hence misinformation about it not working with other classes/sub classes is somewhat valid.
    [FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Damage +X% To Melee Attacks vs Undead is the actual wording[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]. Although Smite deals physical damage, it ain't a mellee attack, hence why it doesn't work.
    But for Frenzy, Sanctuary with ED% to undead, or any damage to undead/demons items work as fully intended.
    Might, Concentration and Fanaticism all rock, by multiplying frenzy damage.
    Auras can also stack. In that, you can have lots of different Auras all going at the same time.


    For some players, curses are just glowy things, that don't really do much.
    But with some research, specific curses can double or triple a Frenziers damage.
    Actually, that's a lie. Curses can manipulate what the enemy receives, via reducing their resistances.
    But as far as the enemy is concerned, its the same as doubling or tripling your damage.
    You can only have one curse active at any one time.
    If there is already a curse above a monsters head, and another curse is cast, the first curse will stop, and the new curse will start.
    Herein, you will find pub players don't seem to bother fine tuning their chars to control their curse casting, with multiple players all overwriting each other.
    It doesn't matter at all with auras, as they just add to the melting pot of goodies, regardless if you benefit or not.
    The amount of times I've watched people "loving" their Delirium or Dream casting lame curses like Confuse, others casting weaken, and so on.. arghhh.
    Monsters running blind ain't my idea of GG. [except uberminions in ubertrist]
    Wouldn't the Lower Resist curse suit virtually all elemental damage casters?
    I asked a few Sorceress players what curse they use to max their damage potential, virtually all went silent...

    ... :banghead: ...

    Eventually one said, "oh you mean conviction? yeah i use that to lower resists"

    ... :hang: ...​

    Last time I checked, Conviction was an Aura....not a curse!

    The idea I'm getting at here, is to lower enemies resist with both an aura/s and a curse.
    With Lower Resist curse and Conviction aura, your going to lower pretty much every monster in the game to well below zero.
    But anyway, back to Frenzy Barbs...

    Curses aren't really necessary in general PvM play all the time.
    Although Player 8 Baalwalks become a hell of a lot better and fun with the right curse being cast at the right time.

    And when you decide to try UberTristram, curses become essential.
    For UberTrist, there really is only 3 curses that interest a Frenzier.
    I wouldn't be going into Trist without knowing which curse applies best to your current stats.

    Life Tap, Decrepify, and Amplify Damage.

    Life Tap is a 100% defensive, 0% offensive curse.
    Decrepify is a 50% defensive, 50% offensive curse.
    Amplify Damage is a 0% defensive, 100% offensive curse.

    Depending on your life, your phys resists%, elemental resists%, and life leech %, these curses will allow you to either:

    Save your skin from certain death, or
    Bring a balance of safety and increased killing power, or
    Show Ubers who's boss.

    If your Barb has,

    4500+ Life, 10-25% Phys Res, 45%+ Elemental Res*, 00-15% LL : use Life Tap.
    5500+ Life, 25-35% Phys Res, 60%+ Elemental Res*, 15-30% LL : use Decrepify.
    6500+ Life, 35-50% Phys Res, 75%+ Elemental Res*, 30-50% LL : use Amplify Damage.

    There's no point using Amp if you're weak as piss, because your just going to get own'd. Badly. :dizzy:
    There's no point using Tap if you're buff as an ox, since you'd be limiting your damage potential. :unimpressed:

    *Those elemental resists include UberMephisto's lvl 20 Conviction aura.
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    Ethereal Indestructible runeword weapons in elite axes or swords immediately spring to mind.
    Weapons with the following bonuses suit a Frenzier:
    Ethereal Indestructible, Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, Open Wounds, Static Field, Life Leech, Ignore Target Defense, -% Target Defense, +Attack Rating, Bonus to Attack Rating, +% Damage To Demons, +% Damage To Undead, +Damage, ED% Damage, Increased Attack Speed, Prevent Monster Heal, +Skills, +Strength, and +Dexterity.
    Other bonuses like +Magic, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison Damage are minor in the grand scheme of things, as is -% elemental resists.
    Bonuses that grant slow or freeze target primarily give a Frenzier Damage Resist.

    Here's a list of the best weapons for a Frenzier in the game in no particular order:


    Supreme weapon for sheer max physical damage and speed, plus 180% Demon Damage.
    ITD and -25% Target Defense keeps the weapon hitting hard every swing.
    Works somewhat well with Decrepify.
    Needs Crushing Blow, and life leech from other items if using this weapon in Ubertrist.
    Berzerker Axe breaks and is slower. Phase Blade version infinitely superior for Frenzy.
    Main hand weapon for general pvm gameplay. Support Ubertrist weapon when using Lifetap.
    Rating 9.5/10

    Outstanding hard hitting weapon with a more defensive influence, with low requirements via ethereal and Hel rune, tons of life and mana leech, and all to stats boost your total life and survivability. If it had Damage to Demons instead of Undead, and Crushing Blow, it would be Godly For Ubers.
    This weapon keeps you alive in Ubertrist when casting -% Phys Res curses.
    Primary main hand weapon for Ubertrist.
    Rating 10/10

    Has virtually everything an off hand frenzy weapon could possibly want. Ethereal Indestruct with hel rune for low req's.
    Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike are GG. Needs -% Target Defense, and Life Leech to be GFG.
    Glacial Spike helps freeze, although Ubers have low chill effect, this weapon is neutral when deciding on what curse to cast.
    Personally, I'd choose -% Phys Res curses, including Amp Damage.
    Primary off hand weapon for Ubertrist. Perfect companion to Ebotd.
    Rating 9/10

    Sporting the Fanaticism Aura, Crushing Blow Open wounds Str bonus and solid IAS, this weapon requires higher strength expenditure, with no ethereal or hel rune, suits the more defensive curse life tap, since it has no leech or freeze properties.
    Pair it with Dracs Gloves for more open wounds, +str, 10% leech and Lifetap.
    Breaks alot, pain to keep repairing, lower damage than other weapons above.
    Secondary main hand Ubertrist weapon, but still a very powerful weapon. Suits LifeTap based builds.
    Rating 8.5/10

    Ethereal Indestructible ramps damage, Demon damage, PMH 50%IAS, this is a solid choice for general pvm runs with -% Phys Res curses.
    But once in Tristram, Oath suffers, with no CB, DS and no defensive stats like leech, or freeze, but you could use it for a Lifetap based set-up with other Crushing Blow items.
    Alternate main hand weapon for Ubertrist with Lifetap.
    Rating 8.0/10

    Ethereal Indestructible, 7%LL, Slow target 33%, CBF, Replenish +16, make this a very interesting proposition for Ubers.
    Hit Blinds Target is excellent against Uber Minions, and doesn't overwrite main curse on boss.
    Alternate off hand weapon for Ubers and Amp Damage.
    Rating 7.0/10

    Holy Freeze aura, -20% Req's, freeze target, make this quite a defensive based weapon, but it has no leech or Vita bonuses
    Can be used as a main or off hand weapon but no CB or eth indestruct limits damage output.
    Main or off hand weapon for Ubers with Decrepify or Amp Damage.
    Rating 7.5/10

    Very defensive weapon. Chilling armor, life bonus, 200% defense, 30% resists.
    Allows you to shift other items about when you want to plug holes in your build, but forces you to find Crushing Blow based Items.
    Off hand weapon for Ubers and Amp Damage based builds. Needs leech.
    Rating 6.5/10

    Lawbringer brings massive killing power to a frenzier via its Sanctuary Aura and its ability to cast the Decrepify curse.
    Both these ability's reduce/remove monsters physical resists/immune's.
    Its -50% Target Defense allows quick casting of Decrepify while Sanctuary pulses undead away.
    Once equipped with a hard hitting main weapon, monsters are toast.
    It allows you to chew through anything this side of Ubertrist.
    Solid Weapon combos include: Grief, EBotD, EOath.
    If using solely to cast Decrepify in Ubertrist, equip 2 on switch for best results.
    Pinnacle Support Ubertrist weapon. GG Decrepify caster.
    Rating 10/10

    Astronomically expensive weapon, LastWish, has got every mod you want when you just cant wait to uber.
    Lifetap, Might Aura, 70% CB, ITD, PMH, all fill gaping holes on mid lvl chars.
    Not the highest damaging weapon here, but oodles of safety. Level 11 Fade and 70% CB is very hard to pass up.
    Lifetap overwrites -% Phys Res curses.
    Pinnacle Support Ubertrist weapon. GG LifeTap and Fade caster.
    Rating 9.0/10


    Low physical damage, but good CB, base weapon speed, static, lite damage.
    No defensive bonuses. Off hand weapon for Ubers and LifeTap based build.
    Zod it.
    Rating 7.0/10

    5 Abilities:
    Open Wounds|Amplify Damage|No Durability|Dual Masteries|Hit Blinds Target
    Openwounds stops Ubers superfast regeneration.
    Amp Damage cuts Physical Resists by -100%
    No Durability allows Ethereal version.
    Axe Mastery and Throw Mastery benefit this weapon.
    Hit Blind Target good against relentless uber minions.
    Pinnacle Support Ubertrist weapon. GG Amp Damage caster.
    Rating 9.0/10

    EHeaven's Light

    With a double socket, an Ethereal Heaven's Light can benefit from a 40%ED/15Max jewel to give 264-409 damage.
    With 33% Crushing Blow, 50% Undead, and -33% Target Defense.
    Load up your Life Leech.
    Zod it.
    Rating 7.0/10

    EThe Redeemer
    Good damage with +50% undead, +250% demons and +120 added damage.
    Ultra low requirements and -33% Target Defense.
    Underutilized Frenzy Barb off hand weapon.
    Zod it.
    Rating 7.0/10

    EAstreon's Iron Ward

    Crushing Blow, Slows Target By 25%, 150-200% Bonus To Attack Rating and +85 Damage, solid benefits to a powerful weapon.
    Zod it.
    Rating 6.0/10

    EStone Crusher

    The Legendary Mallet is the highest damage single handed base weapon in the game.
    Strong 40% Crushing blow, -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit works well against bosses, big strength bonus, -25% defense and +30 damage.
    Slow base weapon speed needs Beast Caduceus runeword for Fanaticism in main hand.
    Zod it.
    Rating 6.5/10

    EDemon Limb

    With self repair, an Ethereal Demon Limb can be socketed with a 40%ED/15Max jewel, for excellent damage.
    Big Life Leech and 123% demon damage make it viable in hell.
    Rating 7.0/10


    Sanctuary Aura cuts undead like butter, a little gravy like +skills, elemental damage, +10 All Attributes help somewhat.
    Add Grief phase blade for an excellent combo for ubertrist. Socket with a 40%ED/15Max jewel.
    Rating 9.0/10


    For Ubertrist, you can boost your life and mana with pre-buff items before going through that red portal.

    01x +3 Warcries, with +3 Shout, +3 BO magic barb helm.
    01x CoH +2 skills.
    02x SoJ's or BK's.
    01x Spider.
    01x +3 Warcries Amulet.
    02x +3 Warcries Balanced Knives.
    09x +1 Warcries GC's
    01x Anni
    01x Torch
    01x Demonlimb (Enchant)
    01x LastWish or Treachery (Fade)

    Add in a +2 All Skills shrine :grin: and you get lvl 56 BO.

    How much (or little) of these items is up to you.
    Obviously more = better, but it takes an eternity to equip them and unequip every 5 mins to rebuff.
    If your GG, you can kill all 3 ubers in this time.
    Probably worth the hassle if your attempting a -DR% curse for the first time, especially Amp Damage.
    You should easily be over 6000 life with these prebuff items.

    Max Ubertrist Items

    The following would be a very high damaging Frenzier for Ubertrist.

    01x P Guillaume's Face 40|15ias
    01x P Fortitude 15|15 Superior Archon Plate
    01x P String of Ears Upped
    01x P HighLords Wrath
    01x P Ravenfrost
    01x P Rare 8% LL 20 Str 15 Dex 120 AR 11% All Resist Ring
    01x P Laying of Hands
    01x P Goreriders
    37x 03 20 20 Scs
    01x 20 20 Annihilus
    01x 20 20 Torch
    02x P Grief Phase Blades
    02x P ELacerators

    Act 2 Might Merc

    01x Guillaume's Face 40|15ias
    01x P Ebugged Fortitude Archon Plate
    01x P EBotd WarPike

    Because the Drain Effectiveness on all 3 Ubers is very low, your going to have to pot a little.
    UberMephisto has 0% Drain Effectiveness, so have 8 Purples and 8 Reds in your belt. Use Purples for when your really low, and use Reds to just keep it topping up slowly over a period of 10 seconds.
    Skeletons also have 0% Drain Effectiveness. Avoid attacking these.

    Enter red portal.
    Get any Uber to spawn, switch to Lacerators and cast Open Wounds and Amp Damage.
    Immediately Howl (use a hot tab) to disperse minions, and switch to main weapons for immediate attack.
    Minimise attacking anything other than ubers. Continue to howl minions when they come back.
    Rotate this procedure every 10 seconds till uber is dead.
    Repeat on next 2 Ubers.
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    Just Plain awesome Guide ! really nice i think this ones covers it all ;)

    10/10 Keep Up the Good Work m8
  4. batuchka

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    Kudos on the effort and thanks for sharing ^^ Some comments:

    1) Same auras from 2 or more items that you equip all stack. Two 'Beast' weapons give slvl 18 fan aura. A HOJ + Dragon = slvl 30 holy fire. Aura from merc does not stack and effective higher slvl aura either from merc or character would be in effect.

    2) Superuniques are immune to confuse curse and other AI altering curses. Also u mentioned drain effectiveness but just for the sake of completeness it should be made known that life tap curse is the only way to leech life from 0% drain effective monsters like Uber Memphisto. This curse also allows one to leech life from undead monsters

    3) What is your suggestion for PIs that amp damage and deceprify curse cannot break?

    4) Sanctuary aura also allows one to leech life from undead monsters.

    5) Hmm for LW fade prebuff : Just to share - i like to go to that fire beside Hadariel near River Of Flame wp and toast myself a bit and after a short while fade triggers. Also for the sake of completeness perhaps elaborate why fade is desirable i.e. it has resist all and hidden %dr bonus

    Cheers and good job :thumbsup:
  5. Uvatha

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    Nice guide, specially for thinking out of the box.

    Not the monster characteristic, but the result of it can be changed via Life tap.

    I dont use those points on frenziers either but R/W from gear is not the same as R/W from skill.

    Im not sure on this one because I never tested it myself but I recall reading that Crushing Blow is a life reduction property that does not work as damage. Has the statement above being tested?

    They do, this is why some BvCs switch to dual dooms during some duels.

    That helm can´t spawn, but a magical version can. The rare would be +2 warcries maximun. Also a delirium could go as high as a rare.

    Congratz for the job.

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    Well, I soloed uber tristam with my frenzier 4 times already and the only suggestion here that matches what I did was infinity on merc :)
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    not a bad guide and very detailed... just curious what kind of frenzy build leaves out war cry...

    War cry is the bread and butter of crowd control for a frenzy barb. A frenzy barb is not a tank although with good LL you can tank a while... Warcry is such a fundemental skll for a frenzy build...
  8. sirwhere

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    huh..? Aren't u confusing frenzy with berserk? A frenzier with good leech doesn't need warcry... even swarmed by minotaurs, 1 pt howl is all it takes to get out of trouble :)

    Berserkers DO need warcry. Or a heck of a lot of rejuvies ;)
  9. demonbane

    demonbane Diabloii.Net Member

    May 11, 2006
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    I prefer 1 pt in warcry over howl,,, Maybe its just personal prefernce. Either way its a great guide frenzy is by far my favorite build, lots of fun
  10. Metathrom

    Metathrom Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 4, 2006
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    Great guide! :thumbsup:

    All I want add is that, if you're going for a life tap setup, 1 point in Berserk is extremely helpful to get past the Oblivion Knights in über Izual's dungeon and the Undead summoned by Meph in über Tristram. As a synergy though, I agree with you: it's pointless to develop it. :azn:
  11. Warpfrenzy

    Warpfrenzy Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 28, 2003
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    Will an act 1 merc really be able to survive well in hell? To merit using faith on her?
  12. vknez

    vknez Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 6, 2005
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    throught the game character advance from lev 1 to lev 99, so he increase his level 98 times and gaines 12 quest skills. total is 110 not 111

    also the life/mana leech in hell is reduce to 1/3

    there is no general 50 % dmg resists on monsters in hell as it was in 1.09

    i personally prefer fortitude over enigma for pvm frenzy. teleport is nice thing to have but with all that speed u have...
  13. themdamnducks

    themdamnducks Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 18, 2006
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    This guide should be stickied!!

    Great guide!!
  14. Tankmobile

    Tankmobile Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 25, 2006
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    anyone know where our mod has dissapeared to? quite afew good guides have been made recently and not so much as 1 sticky :smiley: good guide spankeh, but could do with afew varied gear selections (the weapon section was good) for poorer players, who cant get arreats/eni/forti/duress etc...
  15. Spankeh

    Spankeh Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 6, 2006
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    Thx for the replies:

    Cheers for the clarification on same stack aura's. GG
    For PI's that amp wont remove, just move along forget about them. not worth lowering your damage to kill 1% of monsters with that mod.
    Im not going to waste time and damage, to kill OB knights with berserk... Sorry.
    The FRW, you might be right. FRW skill > item frw. Thx for pointing that out.
    Ive tested crushing blow on Phys immune monsters. CB animation NEVER shows. Arreat summit confirms phys resists affects cb here
    Yep, typo i made about that rare BO helm. Should have been magical, thx for clearing that up.
    Warcry and Frenzy, err.... waste of time and points... sorry. By the time you cast it, you can kill it, and in Ubers its useless, because ubers are immune to it, plus you dont want their minions near you anyway, cause they stop you hitting ubers. Just get them the hell away from you by using howl. Big fundumental difference.
    Monsters damage resists vary in hell from monster to monster.. the average is probably around 50%, not 50% for all monsters in hell. Big difference.
  16. Drmurder

    Drmurder Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 6, 2006
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    Awesome Guide ill be following it but the items are kinda expensive
  17. GargonCerlan

    GargonCerlan Diabloii.Net Member

    May 18, 2004
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    Only problem is that in order to get warcry, you need to put a point in howl, not to mention taunt and battle cry, but to each his own I guess.

    I have seen the animation for crushing blow, and it is very hard to see if you aren't paying attention. When the weapon strikes the target, and crushing blow is activated, it makes a little red starburst that emanates from the point of impact. You really need to look closely to see it, but in my opinion it's not worth staring at the screen to find out where the animation is, since you can tell when a huge chunk is removed from the target's lifebar that a crushing blow hit was triggered. If my memory serves correctly the same sort of animation happens with deadly strike but the star pattern is yellow.

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2007
  18. mseas

    mseas Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 18, 2007
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    Hey I followed your guide and my barb is working out great. Right now I have a EBotdZ paired with a EDeathZ. My attacking rating without angelic combo is around 7000 with a 60ish% chance to hit Baal. Should I scrap my highlords and bk ring for the angelic or is this fine. Also what should my damage be. Right now I am at 5.4k and 5.1k for the weapons. Thanks again for the guide.
  19. tallon

    tallon Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 7, 2005
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    So, you think you could share your build/equipment? :)


  20. canudig

    canudig Diabloii.Net Member

    Jan 17, 2007
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    Just a question, should I use pb or zerks as weps for my frenzy barb? Thinking of having fanaticism aura along with might (last wish and beast) thx

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