Frenzy in pvp

Frenzy in pvp

Hi, I was thinking, does Frenzy have a ny value in pvp as main attack skill?
it has synergies now and with 35-45 or even 50 skill levels it is gonna become insane, just imagine what speed it will have and what damage, with all synergies it has +505% damage and +230% AT, attack speed increased+ 42 % and speed increased 171%, imagine what speed is gonna be at lvl45 skills, by the way Frenzy reaches it's full speed in 4 hits.
Have anyone tried build like this for PvP? I'm thinking of taking weapon with ITD and cold damage, but I'm not sure if it is good for PvP.What ddo you think, will Frenzy barb have any chance versus ww barb, or other melee build?
I'm thinking about putting skills like this:
taunt-20(sinergy for Frenzy)
double swing-20(sinergy for Frenzy)
Battle Orders-20
Sword mastery-20.
Any suggestions are welcome.


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people here will tell that this is a terrible idea, but i think its a fine idea.
i might just try it with my prediciment in the other post.

good idea, thanks

the only thing i see a problem with is how do you intend to get the skills up that high?

if you use melee barb equip, i cant see them even being lvl 30.


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itd doesn't work in pvp. ppl will have cbf on their gear so cold damage is out.
you could try to hit 200 frw to become invisible (some kind of bug, don#t know much about it).

problem is that you need to charge up and certain build will always own you (any good melee with shield)


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The thing about frenzy is that you cant wear a shield but still hit slower than a standard zealot with similar amounts of damage. Also they have too charge up.

Only advantages i can see is fast run/walk after charging up and no need for a cta to get high life.


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is i said it's not a build vs. other melee builds.

@Lazy_BerZerker: there is some bone-necro guide in the stickies that mentions the 200 frw invisibilty bug. plz refer to that