frenzy effects?


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frenzy effects?

does anyone know if frenzys effects get carried on over to other skills, i.e can i get a few hits with frenzy then start using double swing as its attack seems to always be faster.. sorry if it sounds like a dumb question, ive never built a frenzy baba :scratch:


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Yes, is there some sort of frenzy guide somewhere? I just started one of these guys, but it seems like a lost cause compared to a zealadin...


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Frenzybarb is a lot of fun to play :) Oh and if you use double throw with frenzy you can reach 3.5 fps attacks,.... 7 attacks per second!.. O_O But anyway, you must take note that you won't have a shield which means you will need defense, high life and damage reduction and a lot of resists all on your gear ;) Goodluck ... heh.


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Heh, my machine gunner loves frenzy.
Max Frenzy
Max Double Swing (syn)
Max Battle Orders
Max Throw
1 point wonders, etc...

Anyway, I use gimmers (2 of em) and with other equip I manage to mangle and destroy most hurridruids/necros. Just frenzy in the blood moor some random quill rat then throw like crazy for 6 seconds (cheap, yes, effective, ya. Not as cheap as Enigma. :lol: )