Frenzy Dualist


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Of all seven character classes, the barbarian is probably my least favorite, due to the lack of crowd control attacks. This variety of Barbarian is one who wields a weapon in each hand and thus his attack power and damage potential is increased due to the slight increase in crowd control. I enjoyed playing him more than the Concentrator, but he is still not my favorite build for the Barbarian.

Two weapons are better than one in this case and with Frenzy, the attack and movement speed is increased dramatically. (move over Sonic, he's the new fasted thing alive!) The increased attack speed works with all other attacks, including double swing which is already a fast attack, giving this guy the potential for the fastest attack speed of all characters in the game.

For best survivability, it is recommended that you have life leech working with both weapons, such as on both of them or another piece of equipment, such as armor or jewelry. Also, due to the fact that you need two weapons for this build, only swords, axes, and maces will work. Spears and polearms need not apply.

At the start, I pumped Double Swing. At level 9, there is no mana cost, so I made it my main attack at that point. At higher levels, Double Swing actually gives you mana (wth?) and makes a great backup attack if you are low on mana. Once Frenzy became available, I started pumping it. Through it all, I got the other important one point wonders such as Howl, Taunt, Battle Cry, and the non-weapon masteries.

Battle Cry is great for reducing enemy damage and defense (especially bosses). Taunt is good for forcing long range enemies to attack in melee combat, including those who bring the dead back to life. Howl is good if you get surrounded. I've already maxed both Frenzy and Double Swing. Next I'll work on maxing Battle Orders and get Battle Command, both of which are more important in higher difficulties than Normal. Finally, I'll focus on both my chosen weapon mastery and Taunt which is a damage synergy for Frenzy. Of course this means I won't have any points leftover at level 99, so I'll need to find another way to damage physical immunes, but I think I do have the solution.

All three variants, (sword, axe, mace) will have the following equipment setup for themselves and their hireling.

Act 2 Nightmare Offensive

Andariel's Visage (increased skill level and life leech)
Treachery (increased attack speed and chance to fade upon hit)
Obedience Cryptic Ax (crushing blow)

Helmet: Guillaume's Face (deadly strike and crushing blow)
Amulet: Atma's Scarab (chance to cast amplify damage. Since Frenzy is a very fast attack, chance to cast is high)
Armor Fortitude Archon Plate (increased damage and resistances)
Swap Weapons: 2 Heart of the Oak Flails (prebuff purposes)
Ring 1: Raven Frost (cannot be frozen and dexterity bonus)
Ring 2: Rare Dual Leech Ring
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Coil (damage resistance and vitality bonus)
Boots: Gore Rider (crushing blow, deadly strike, and open wounds)
Gloves: Laying of Hands (increased attack speed and damage against demons)

Now for weapons, it all depends on what class you're using.

Sword 1: Breath of the Dying Colossus Blade (increased damage, dual leech, indestructibility, bonus to all stats, attack speed)
Sword 2: Death Colossus Sword (crushing blow, mana leech, indestructibility)
Axe 1: Breath of the Dying Berserker Axe
Axe 2: Death Berserker Axe

Since Breath of the Dying cannot be made in single handed maces, I chose the following:

Mace 1: Eternity Scourge (increased Damage, crushing blow, life leech)
Mace 2: Stormlash (chance to cast static field, crushing blow, increased damage. will socket with Zod rune for indestructibility)