Frenzy Barb Weapons


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Frenzy Barb Weapons

Hi all,

I'm starting a frenzy barb and will aim to trade/make a few high end zerker axes, the ones i'm contemplating are:

Breath of the Dying

Which 2 do you think will be the best? What is the max crushing blow, deadly strike % capped at? I'm just thinking that if my gloves and boots already add (plan to use Gore Riders and Draculs Grasp) and have reached the cap then additional % from weapon is not needed. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences. Thanks in advance.



It all depends on whether you want to PvP or PvM. Frenzy is not recommended for PvP. For PvM, the weapons you listed are fine. Death and Ebotd are considered the best pure frenzy weapons, although Last Wish and Beast are great choices too. It all depends on you. If you have other gear that will provide the mods you need, you can use whatever weapons you want.

I believe the cap on CB is 95%.


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I believe the cap on CB is 95%
I believe the cap on DS is 95%
I believe the cap on OW is 95%

Unlikely the above is wrong. :)