Frenzy Barb - max BO or Weap Mastery first?


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Frenzy Barb - max BO or Weap Mastery first?

Currently, my level 60 Frenzy Barb (will be changed to MFer later) has these current skills:

Frenzy - 20
Leap Attack - 1
Iron Skin - 1
Natural Resistance - 1
Warcry - 10
BO - 10
Sword Mastery - 5

I plan on maxing BO and Mastery and Taunt down the line. But I don't know in which order I shall max them. I figure I might get Mastery to 10 for the AR and then Taunt to 10 for some higher damage, but I don't know when I should be maxing BO. I figure I'll probably max Taunt last, but who knows...


I'm making an axe Frenzy barb and he's 47 right now. I maxed Frenzy and now I'm putting points in BO. My Shout is already level 8. I'm currently using 2 Pompeii's Wraths and I will be using those until level 67, when I'll switch to 2 Razor's Edges that some really nice guy I met today on Bnet gave me. He also gave me a Wolfhowl, an Arreat's Face, Marrowwalk, Soul Drainer, and a Tal ammy and a Tal armor. Now I'm pretty sure my Frenzy barb won't suck, since he'll have a nice helm and axes. I'm planning to max BO now since the Pompeii's actually allow me to kill things in Nightmare, unlike the magic war axes I was using before them. I know my Attack Rating is not that high, but I hope to muddle through with what I have until level 67. If things get really bad and my chance to hit drops into the 60% range, then I'll put a few points into Mastery before continuing to max BO. What I've noticed, however, is that you need quite a few points in Mastery to make a significant difference in your % chance to hit (although that may be because I didn't have too much AR to start with). If your weapons do enough damage, you can safely leave Taunt until the end. Even if that were not the case, I'd still max the Mastery first because of the combined damage/AR/critical strike and Taunt later.

How are you planning to convert this barb into an MFer? I would be interested in trying that. What equipment are you going to use as a fighter and then as an MFer?

Edit: It is SO FRUSTRATING to play with a low level BO and Shout...they wear out so quickly! That's in part why I want to max BO now that Frenzy's been taken care of.

Hee hee, if things are really bad, I can get my enchantress and she'll boost your AR quite a bit.


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My Frenzy Barb is level 20, and he already has 15 into his weapon mastery, in which case I think I will switch off and put one into frnezy, and then one into BO until both are maxed. Then I will do taunt and double swing.
That or I might put 5 into frenzy, then I will max BO, adding all my bonus skills to frenzy, double swing or taunt.
Either way, BO is one of the most important skills, especially since I play HC.


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With my frenzy barb I had alot of skill points saved without putting more than 3 in wepon mastery after level 10. So while I had spare points when I reach 24 I went into Frenzy and BO on every level up and increased speed once and natural resistances and the skill warcry.

after they both got to about level 5 i ran out of spare ones and just pumped frenzy, then BO then wepon mastery, then natural resistances to between 2-5 (i went to 5) and now working on shout.... (BO's synergy increases the duration of shout so BO goes up the longer shout lasts)