Frenzy Barb Equipment and question on ias


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Frenzy Barb Equipment and question on ias

Hi, Im thinking of making frenzy barb and I need an advice. :grin:


Arreat Face
Beast Ba
Grief Ba
Raven and rare strenght + ar ring
Gore Boots
Highlords Amulet

And now question:

What is ias bp on frenzy and does it count from weapons only or it counts from all items ?

If it's count from weapons only then there is no need for Highlords....

And skill point distribution:

20 bo
20 frenzy
20 axe mastery
1 iron skin and natural resist
1 battle command

What else should I max? Shout or Double Swing ?

And btw will he be able to do uber trist maybe ^^ ?


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I moved your thread here into the barbarian forum.

For Frenzy, both base weapon speed, main weapon IAS and non-weapon IAS count.
IAS calculator


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If you play around with the weapon speed calculator, in the same section as the guides sticky (at the top of this forum), you'll see that, as Hrus said, both base weapon speeds matter, but that the right hand weapon speed (including socketed shaels) really determines which BP's you can hit. (that's, err, a very long sentence there)

So, ya, just play around with the calculator -- put the beast in one hand, and the Grief in the other. Then switch them around to see what happens. Make sure to set Frenzy to lvl 20 or 25, and hit the button at the bottom that says "show IAS/FPA table". It'll show you how much "Off-weapon IAS" speed you'd need to hit each BP (Break Point).

If someone can make this clearer than me, please do. GL :thumbsup: