frenzy and breakpoints


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frenzy and breakpoints

Hey! i cant seem to find any breakpoints for frenzy or anything.. i tried the ias calc.. but it must be wrong.

btw.. frenzy only calcs the weapon speed of your main weapon right?

i am gonna use ccb main weapon and ccs in other.(prolly)



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Frenzy checks main hand weapon base speed and its ias, but it also checks off hand weapon base speed only. Any ias on off hand weapon is not checked.

The calculation is main base speed + ias and off hand base speed /2

So in a Grief pb with 40% and a Lastwish pb, youd get this:

(-30 + -40) + -30/2 = -70 + -30 /2 = -100/2 = -50

-50 attack speed