Freezes Target +x: Is it worth it?


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Freezes Target +x: Is it worth it?

I know of a few items with this mod, namely iceblink, the IK gloves, and nord's tenderizer, and have a few questions regarding it:

1. Does freeze target gear stack?
2. If they do stack, does it increase the freeze duration?
3. What is the percentage that the enemy will be frozen?
4. Finally, is it really worth it, expecially in later levels?

Thanks for the help!



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The chance of freezing is 50 + (AL + (B*4) - DL) * 5
AL = attacker level
DL = defender level
B = freeze bonus from item (default is 1)

if it's ranged, the AL has a -6 penalty.
if it's ranged, the chance is divided by 3

freeze length = (chance - roll) * 2 + 25 frames
with a minimum length of 25 frames (1 second) and a maximum length of 250 frames (10 seconds)
From the AS.


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I'm not sure about the calculations, but atm I have a Frost Zealot who just entered hell last night. He is using a Nords with freezes target +4.
With his fast zeal, and HF aura, he is virtually untouchable. Any monster within range just stands around looking at him untill he dies. Even when he gets swamped, he tends to keep a nice clearing in the middle of the pack until he can battle out.
The only exception thus far are those Frenzytaurs (I think) who just shruggs off the cold, but that only means a little less wreckless play.
I think that it works brilliantly, especially for a melee char with a very fast attack.
Not sure if its any help


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A perfect Eye of Etlich (+10 seconds cold duration) greatly extends the chill length and freezing length of some skills (e.g. Frozen Arrow). I'm not sure if it works with Hit Freezes Target. If it does, you'd get an extra 2.5 seconds of freeze length in Hell, and that ain't bad.


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that would make all the differance in the world I like the freezes target mod its on buriza and even tho diminished can make a differance