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hi everyone!

i met dclone for the first time today with my metorb sorc and couldnt scratch him but i lucky as i am some of my clanmates were on and we killed him pretty easily and i got my charm(13 to stats 20 res and 7% exp :thumbsup: )

Then i figured i need a char who can solo dclone and my future project is a freezealot.

My question is can a freezealot solo dclone fairly easy? im gonna make it after the guide which are on the forums so it will focus on crushing blow. i will try to get a kingslayer phase blade for pmh and i will have atlest 85? crushing blow...

this is the gear im planning

helm: Guillames face(35 crushing)
amu: mahim oak currio(sp?)
wpn: heavens light(33 crushing) and a kingslayer phase(33 crushing) if i can get vs clone
shield: um HoZ
belt: Nos coil and hwanins vs dclone until i get kingslayer
ring 1: Raven
ring 2: Rare mana or dual leech
gloves: Draculs
armor: Guardian angel um:ed
boots gorerider(15 crushing)

35+15+33=83 crushing

will this work?

Frenzied Bovine

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Since you plan on solely taking on the clone I suggest two approaches:

1) Forgo weapon damage entirely for CB. Get a "Strength" or "Black" runeworded item.

2) Use smite (you only need 1 pt if you have a finisher)

If you go with the "Black" runeword (put it in a Scourge) it will give you 40% Crushing Blow. Combined with Guilliame's and Goblin Toe boots (+60% CB) and you will hit 100% CB. Alternatively, "Black" + Guilliame's + Gore Riders will net you 90% CB and Open Wounds.

Draculs will kick in and handle the life leech part with Life Tap - which works great with Smite.

You should also consider the Fleshripper option. 25% CB, Open Wounds, PMH, DS and Slows Target. Fleshripper means you can safely skip Gore Riders in favour of Goblin Toes. Combine with Guilliames to hit 85% CB.

If you wanted to be useful in other areas of the game too, you could go with a Crescent Moon phase blade. Static Field can be triggered by Smite too IIRC.

The ultimate choice is obviously Stormlash.


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I certainly might be mistaken, but I had thought that the best solo DC killer was thought to be the hammerdin. Has the conventional wisdom changed, or did I just leap to the wrong conclusion?


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thx for the comments but my question werent: Which pally is best clone killer or is this the best clone killer

it was simply can i combine my need of a clone killer with my soon to be freezealot i wanted to do for a long time s o idont have to do 2 chars....


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D2XNewbie said:
I certainly might be mistaken, but I had thought that the best solo DC killer was thought to be the hammerdin. Has the conventional wisdom changed, or did I just leap to the wrong conclusion?
Frenzied is right. Quit spilling the beans about the ultimate Dclone killer Frenzied, they don't ALL have to know that it's a vindi with doom, dracul, exile and all the other CB, OW, yada yada yada items you can add to make it go faster. Ooops, I think someone heard me.


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here's some more input:

some things you can also consider: crescent moon phase blade (static and fast zealing should cut his hp down immediately) - however the damage on this thing is waaaay too little, so a crescent on switch might be better.
nature's peace ring in your inventory/stash - use this and hit him once to stop that hp regen, then take it off for your other ring. this might sound too annoying for some, but it helps.


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my lvl 78 freezealot wasted the dclone solo last nite, i only had to red pot twice.

my equip:
guillarmes face
upped g'angel
rare +3 ammy
242 raven
dwarf star
orphan gloves and belt
shaeled heavens light

took less than 5 minutes for me to claim my mediocre 1/20/16/6 anni


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To answer your queation, yes. My freezealot made short work of DC (>5 min) and I didnt have great equipment, Vamp Gaze (that I found the 3rd day that 1.10 was out form nm Sherk), string, 4pd pally shield, Hawkmail, Infernostride, some blood crafted rings and gloves. My weapon of choice, Fleshrend.

P.S. Soloed everthing except hell ancients with this setup.


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Not quite a frost zealot, but I met the Diablo clone with my elemental(conviction) zealot for the first time the other day and he went down rediculously easy. I was very dissapointed cause after reading everything I was expecting a challenge....


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My friend turned his Fanatic Avenger into an Absorbadin
Don't know what his gear was but it worked out fine.


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Yeah my absorbadin is very survivable in hell, although untested vs uber diablo.

Gear is:
helm-blackthorns (+20 light absorb and prevent monster heal)
Armour-Shaftstop (damage reduce) Clean
Belt- T-gods (+20 lightning absorb + to dex/str)/ Snowclash (+15 cold absorb)
Glove- Hellforge (+15 fire absorb) (optional)
Boots- Sandstorm trek (poison res)
Ammy- Rising Sun (+54 to fire absorb)
Ring1-Ravenfrost (20% cold absorb, ar, cbf)
Ring2-RavenFrost (more cold absorb) (will change when i get ideal shield)
Wep- Lightsaber (+20 lightning absorb) 40% ed jewel
Shield-Radaments Sphere (poison res)
Ideal Shield-Blackcloak Luna (+0-61 cold absorb (level based), 50% faster block rate)

that has 60 lightning absorb, 69 fire absorb, and 40 cold (likely to be 74 with ideal shield), with high poison res
i use holy shield to boost blocking so shield choice doesn't matter as much. Only problem is no life leech so i use venom grip most the time but its still a problem.


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I like my "Freeze Tank" paladin.

Max holy shield and defiance
Max cold resist and holy freeze

He does decent damage with just 5 points into smite and zeal and monsters are slowed down incredibley even in hell. Note: I dont seem to have a problem with any cold immune monster, even cold and physical immune as my light saber does something like 200-300 magic damge also. Even they cold immune monsters get frozen and attack very slowly. :thumbsup:
Best clone killer would be a smiter w/high crushing blow and some open wounds, stormlash would be nice for the static but it's a bit overkill.
My smiter with 2.2k smite, and about 70 crushing blow killed clone in about 30 seconds which tops any hammerdin I believe.