Free HCL West Items


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Free HCL West Items

Hi, after playing this game for the last few months I've finally lost my motivation in continuing. That and recently being scammed out of a few items I've decided to stop playing.

So I've decided to give away all my items.

Some worthy of mention are:
39% Hoto
Ik set
Spiderweb sash
Anni Charms

Im not sure how to give em away, maybe someone can come up with a few ideas.


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Make a competition of some sort, but only give away one item per time - spread the wealth.
Some ideas:
* An essay competition on why they're deserving of an item.
* Get people to explain the origins of their name, or their account name... or their favourite character name.
* Movie reviews.
* Screenshots - coolest or most amusing.
* Most inventive names of character - should include a screenie of said character in game... so as people don't just make stuff up that they do not actually 'own'.
* Hold a series of 'Ironman' competitions online in bnet. Or a few other online games...
* 'capture the XXX' - within a 7 person game, put an item (irrelevant item) in a difficult spot (unknown to the 'teams') somewhere in A1 or 2 that they will have to get to. Do this with a higher level char that can run in, dump item & get out without nailing too many monsters. Two teams of 3 (starting at L1) race from the beginning of A1 to get the item. Team that wins gets prizes from you.
* Bunny hunt. Like the Easter egg hunts when I was a kid... just dump a heap o' items around in random spots in a game. Using L1 characters, people play the game, racing around trying to find the nice stuff you've secreted in the game.

Just some random thoughts running around in my head. Just be creative.




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Well, if you are feeling particularly generous, I'll put my bid in for a shako, as I have never owned one!
That's why your motivation to continue is low! You have too many cool items already.


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First item up for grabs!
39% Hoto

Write an essay of around 300-500 words about why you deserve the item!

It can be funny/sad/serious whatever, whoever has the best wins it.

Entries close next week, post the essays in this thread.


me englrish is bad any other ways to get stormsheld and shakos?
i really can use some free shakos and storm shield or hoto


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2nd Contest:

Most amusing/funny/original/coolest Screenshot wins it.

1st Prize: SS
2nd Prize: Shako
3rd Prize: Arachnid Mesh

Entries close next week.

Editing is allowed, but the contest is for best screenshot and not photoshop, keep that in mind.


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“HOTO.†What does that phrase mean to me? What value does an overused acronym in the Diablo II trade channels hold? It signifies more than just “Ko Vex Pul Thul†to the humans that cherish it. There is more behind the name than just a menagerie of letters put together by Blizzard. To some power-hungry mongrels of gamers, Heart of the Oak means everything. I am one of them.

“HOTO†is not just another runeword. Runewords that have a plethora of good mods are scarce. Likewise, some of the runes that are needed to form these runewords are quite scarce as well. “HOTO†may be no “Vex Hel El Eld Zod Ethâ€, but its price is certainly beyond what an average Diablo II gamer can afford. I consider myself “average.â€

I do not magic find twenty-four hours a day each day of the year. As I have school and real life on my hands, there is little time left to dedicate to Diablo II. With almost 400% magic find on a character in the past, I wondered how I could have so horrible luck doing my runs. Others have claimed to have found Shakos, and Stormshields from Hell Andy runs. I have never found a Shako, Stormshield, or even anything above a Mal rune before. My most recent Hell Hellforge gave me a net gain of a few gems and a Hel rune. I lost a character today. I wonder how much worse my luck can get.

As for me, I am just as greedy and pretentious as almost every person who plays Diablo II online; I can admit that for sure. I do not feel that I deserve a Heart of the Oak more than the prepubescent gamers that fill up Baal Runs and squeal “GIB ITAMZ PLZ PLZ!!!111oneâ€. However, I am sure that you will find it in your heart to bless me with +3 to all skills, +40% faster cast rate, and +39% to all resistances.


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Why I Deserve Hoto

I deserve Hoto because I have no use for it. I have no characters who need it, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it is. I'd probably build a whole character around the item, or maybe I'd try trading it. I'm totally just begging for free stuff. When people give away stuff like Sigon's Gloves, I pick it up even though I have like 4 of them on a mule. And if you told me to write a 300 word essay for a free sigon's gloves, I'd do it again anyway. Don't give it to me.