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I was just in a trading game standing there....and these 2 guys who were in there were talking to each other. I guess it seemed i was afk and one of the dudes knew what i was wearing.

Can they do that?

He goes....yeh, ormus with 3 to blizz, snowclash, 40% travs.....

I quit and exited......wasnt taking any chances. :flip:


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fatmantan said:
what they got mh and can see what im using?
I'm not sure how it works (as I don't have mh myself), but it is a feature of maphack. I once had a guy come up to me asking for my Arachnid Mesh and offering his and a gul rune because his had bad enchanced defense and he knew mine was almost perfect from his mh.


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ya it's maphack and i too have always wondered how the hell this works....oh well.

edit: Two_rivers, doesn't that just annoy the crap out of u. I mean i have people offer me for something, i'll be like dude i'm wearing it why would i trade it, then he/she would say cuz i need it noob. I mean honestly, give me a break.


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Maphack is a program who uses the info which is sent to your computer, but that you don't usually see.

When you play D2 on Bnet, your computer receives many info that you learn while playing. For example, the map is generated at the very beginning of your game, but you only see the regions that you have explored. Maphack will exploit these informations and show you the entire map immediately.

It is exactly the same thing with other player's gear. When you stand in game with someone else, your computer receives some informations about him in order (for example) to calculate his defense, hitpoints, damage, etc. Maphack uses this again to show you the gear the other char is wearing. But it doesn't currently show you what is in the inventory or in the stash of the other player.

Maphack users can see your gear, but don't have any mean to harm you (unless they use some other hack). So don't worry too much about it.


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They can see your gear by hovering the mouse over you and pressing whatever hotkey they have assigned to it. It shows in the inventory screen.


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ive had people say do that to me. i just laugh and say "nice hack loser" all they can do is try to scare you with this. its funny when ya get one who begs you for your gear. at times like that you just have to say "yes i do rule, and think i did this all without your stupid hacks"


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thats the one feature of that thing i hate! i hate it when people look at my gear and beg for it. offer crap for it. or in duel games they wont duel me cus they know what i have on. i wish bnet would do something about these losers. if it means reporting them one by one i'd be glad to do so. i've seen many people bragging about their mh and saying what i have on. if only a screen shot was good enough.

- joe