fps woes


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fps woes

when i play in full screen mode i get massive fps lag, even though i have a gf3ti. (i know its not the best card but it should be able to handle d2) last night i tried playing in window mode and to my surprise i got absolutely NO fps lag. can anyone explain this to me... i dont get it


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I really have no idea as to why it happens but I used to have the same kind of problem as you, especially when I had the mini-map activated. I would get something like 30 fps normally and around 15 fps with the mini-map. Basically I played in this mess for a long time until I re-installed the game. For some reason, my fps is stable no matter what I do on my side of the server. I get a healthy 50+ fps with and without mini-map now.

So try re-installing, maybe you selected an option wrong somewhere. Who knows. Hope it helps.


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Not long ago I posted a thread on this too . My problem turned out to be the fan on my CPU chip was clogged up . I took it off and blew the dust off of it and the problem went away . If you havent cracked your case open in a while - its a good idea to do so and get all the dust out and make sure all your fans are spinning well . Of course I did all this after I went and got a new video card . But I needed an upgrade anyways .. Good luck ..


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Before I built my new computer, I would get like 1-2 fps and sometimes 0 when doing Baal runs. It never mattered what I did on my side of the server. Anyway, I build a new machine with a Radeon 9800 pro, and I now get a cool 85-90 fps, although who really cares since DII I think maxes out at like 25fps or so. But yeah, it really sucks to play with a crappy fps. DII is a whole new game for me now.

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